A Message from Leadership

We are pleased to present the 2022-2023 Employee Experiences Survey Report. The strong response from over 3,800 employees is testament to our shared commitment to making Queen’s a welcoming, supportive, and safe place for all faculty and staff. Your insights have been invaluable and have already directly informed the university’s efforts to foster a more inclusive and equitable working and learning environment.

The survey measured 42 key drivers related to employees’ views about, and experiences in, their workplace including issues of respect, physical and psychological safety, work recognition, job clarity, and opportunities for professional development. This report summarizes the survey results, highlighting areas of strength and areas where further improvements can be made.

We acknowledge that the survey results reflect a particular point in time, and that much has changed on our campus since the survey was launched in 2022. Queen’s, like other Canadian post-secondary institutions, now faces challenges – from budgetary constraints to threats of workplace violence – that were, perhaps, not as acutely felt just over a year ago. Still, the survey contains very useful data and offers important insight into the aspirations, needs, and concerns of people within our community. Your voice counts. It is deeply respected and it is being heard. Our hope is that this report will serve as a foundation for ongoing and meaningful conversations and actions that will continue to propel us forward on our journey toward a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Once again, we extend our sincere appreciation to each and ever y one of you for your active participation and dedication to making Queen’s a place where every employee can thrive.

Stephanie Simpson
Vice-Principal, Culture, Equity, and Inclusion 

Donna Janiec
Vice-Principal, Finance and Administration

Your Voice Counts

The Employee Experiences Survey set out to measure employee perspectives on various aspects of our organizational culture so that future employee initiatives are evidence-based and can more effectively address employees’ needs. This information is integral to creating a work environment that is both supportive and welcoming. Your feedback has helped to identify key areas of focus in our efforts to improve employee experiences at Queen’s.

Accessing the Survey

The survey was open for a four-week period beginning April 25 and closing May 20, 2022. In late April, all employees received a survey email invitation from Metrics@Work, the external partner who administered the survey. The email included a unique survey link that can only be completed by the recipient. 

Sharing Results

Queen's is committed to transparency, accountability, and action. University-wide results for the Employee Experiences Survey is now available for download. Employees are encouraged to review the report and continue the conversation within their departments. 

Download the Report