Cormac Evans

Cormac Evans

Adjunct Professor

Employment Relations Studies

Faculty of Arts and Science

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Cormac Evans teaches EMPR 110 -  Workplace Communication and Interpersonal Skills. This first-year course introduces students to the critical interpersonal competencies and communication skills required in contemporary workplaces.

Cormac is also the Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Faculty of Arts and Science. He is responsible for the strategic development and management of new revenue-generating programs as well as supporting the process for enacting changes to current programs. As a member of the Faculty’s leadership team, he works closely with the Dean and senior administration to advance the Faculty’s goals and priorities. He has over 20 years of project and relationship management experience that meets the needs of diverse stakeholders including students, private sector organizations, and various levels of government. Cormac holds a BAH from Mount Allison University and Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from St. Lawrence College. He is also a member of the University’s Board of Trustees.