Bradley Weinberg

Bradley Weinberg

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

(He/Him), PhD, Industrial and Labour Relations (Cornell)

Employment Relations Studies

Faculty of Arts and Science


Sutherland Hall, Room 233

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Dr. Weinberg’s current research focuses on the longitudinal study of collective bargaining relationships during the representation phase of the unionization process.  In particular, he analyzes the factors that contribute to the preservation or dissolution of such relationships.  His emphasis on studying the representation phase, meaning beyond the settlement of the first collective agreement, addresses the dearth of empirical quantitative analysis of the experience and evolution of bargaining relationships throughout the later stages of their lifecycle.  Within this research stream, he has examined whether the occurrence of conflict early in bargaining relationships has a lasting impact on their viability.  He is also conducting research on how work stoppages, wage settlements, and union displacements/mergers affect relationship duration respectively.  

Dr. Weinberg's other research stream analyzes the effect of dispute resolution mechanisms used in the collective bargaining process on bargaining relationships and contract settlements.  His research on first contract arbitration (FCA) focuses on how well that labour policy meets its goals of aiding in the settlement of first collective agreements and in establishing lasting bargaining relationships.  He also examines the wider array of dispute resolution mechanisms, including conciliation, mediation, and work stoppages, to uncover whether they contribute to the maintenance of the relationship and, further, improve relationship health by inducing the parties to settle subsequent negotiations at earlier stages in the process. Dr. Weinberg's work has been published in the journals Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society and the Industrial and Labor Relations Review.  His teaching interests include labour policy and analysis; labour relations and collective bargaining; negotiations and conflict resolution; and research methods.


Bradley R. Weinberg joined the Masters of Industrial Relations Program at Queen’s University after receiving his Ph.D. from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. The concentrations of his doctoral studies were in the areas of International Comparative Labour, Labour Relations, and Policy Analysis and Management.  Prior to his Ph.D., he received an M.S. in industrial relations from Cornell University, a B.A. in economics from Hobart College and he worked at the International Labor Organization (ILO).