Beamish-Munro Hall

[photo of Beamish-Munro Hall]

Beamish-Munro Hall, located at the corner of Union Street and Division Street, is named in honour of the families of Robert Beamish (Sci'60) and Donald Munro (Sci'52). It is the home of the Integrated Learning Centre and Smith Engineering.

The building opened in May 2004, and in 2005 it was selected as one of the most environmentally advanced buildings in Canada. This recognition by the Sustainable Buildings '05 Canadian Team was part of the fourth International Green Building Challenge (GBC) 2005.

Beamish-Munro Hall is a student-oriented building, designed in collaboration with students.

In keeping with the integrated learning component for engineering students, this 'live building' serves as a resource to broaden awareness of green building design and environmental sustainability. The facility itself is instrumented as a working laboratory – where students can see structural elements of the building that are usually hidden and monitor systems like air quality, heating, lighting, and cooling using specially designed software – showing how sustainable practices can be incorporated into building design. It also boasts a design studio and a prototyping centre, group rooms, a multimedia facility, a site investigation facility, active learning centre and plazas or lab facilities.