Biochemistry, Department of

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The Department of Biochemistry was founded in 1937 when the family of medical alumna Dr. Agnes Craine funded the construction of the Craine Building, the Department's first home, and endowed the new Craine Professorship of Biochemistry. The department has been housed in Botterell Hall since 1983.

The Department's first head was Dr. Robert Sinclair, whose son, Duncan Sinclair, became Dean of Medicine in 1988.

Although the Department is administered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, it is also a full teaching unit in the School of Graduate Studies and in the Faculty of Arts and Science, where, as well as offering its own undergraduate program, it also participates in the popular Life Sciences program.

Since 1993, the department has also offered a co-operative undergraduate degree program in which students can combine academic courses with work experience.

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