Books about Queen's

Most of these books are available from Queen's University Libraries.

  • A Woman with a Purpose
    By Elizabeth Smith. From her personal diaries 1872-1884. Published in 1980.

  • Cornerstones and Plaques: Queen's History in Names
    A slim volume on the history of Queen's buildings, written by Margaret Angus and published in 1991.

  • Daniel M. Gordon: His Life
    By Wilhelmina Gordon (a biography of her father, Daniel Gordon, who was Queen's eighth Principal). Published by Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1941.

  • Domesday Book of Queen's University

  • Drama at Queen's From its Beginning to 1991 
    By Erdmute Waldhauer.

  • Faithful Unto Death
    A biography of John Anderson, Queen's first janitor. It was written by Agnes Maule Machar, daughter of the Rev John Machar, and published in 1859.

  • George Monro Grant
    A biography of George Grant, Queen's most famous Principal, for whom Grant Hall is named. The book is written by William Lawson Grant and Frederick Hamilton, and was published in 1905.

  • In the Shadow of the Shield
    By Arthur Zimmerman, Program Director of CFRC from 1984 to 1988, on the history of CFRC radio station.

  • Miriam of Queen's
    By Lilian Vaux MacKinnon. Published in 1921.

  • Queen's! Queen's! Queen's!
    By Herb Hamilton. Queen's circa 1930s-1970s. Published in 1977.

  • Queen's Biology
    By B.N. Smallman, H.M. Good, and A.S. West.

  • Queen's Engineers: A Century of Applied Science (1893-1993)
    By George Richardson.

  • Queen's Men, Canada's Men
    By Kathryn Bindon. The military history of Queen's from the 19th century until the 1960s. Published in 1978.

  • Queen's Profiles
    Another collection of profiles of Queen's figures, this one written by David G. Dewar and published in 1951.

  • Queen's: The First 150 Years
    Complete with many photographs, celebrating the history of Queen's and detailing its rich history. The book was edited by Thomas H. Carpenter and was published in 1990 by the Alumni Association.

  • Queen's University Alumnae Association 1900-1961 and Women's Residences at Queen's
    Edited by Mary Chown, Melva Eagleson and Thelma Boucher. Published in 1962.
    In 1992, this book was edited for republication by Margaret Gibson and reissued as A Generous Loyalty: The Queen's Alumnae Memory Book.

  • Queen's University at Kingston: The First Century of a Scottish-Canadian Foundation 1841-1941
    A history of the first hundred years of Queen's by D. D. Calvin, published in 1941.

  • Queen's University: Volume I 1841-1917
    A wonderful and detailed history of Queen's written by Hilda Neatby and edited by Frederick W. Gibson and Roger Graham, published in 1978.

  • Queen's University: Volume II 1917-1961
    The second volume of this superb history, written by Frederick W. Gibson and published in 1983.

  • Queen's University: Volume III 1961-2004
    This third volume of Queen's history by University Historian Duncan McDowell is "copiously illustrated with photographs of important people, events, and aspects of campus life."

  • Setting the Agenda: Jean Royce and the Shaping of Queen's University
    By Roberta Hamilton. Published in 2002.

  • Some Great Men of Queen's
    A collection of profiles edited by former Principal R.C. Wallace and published in 1941.

  • Still Running
    Edited by Joy Parr. Reminiscences circa 1920s-1980s. Published in 1987.

  • The First Fifty Years. A History of the Science Faculty at Queen's University 1893-1943
    A history of the Faculty of Applied Science written by former Dean of Applied Science Arthur Clark and published in 1943.

  • Their Leaven of Influence: Deans of Women at Queen's University 1916-1996
    By Queen's alumnae Maureen McCallum Garvie and Jennifer L. Johnson. Published in 1999.