Campbell, The Rev Peter Colin (1810-1876)

This Scottish cleric holds the distinction of being the first professor ever appointed by Queen's. He was born and educated in Scotland, but immigrated to Canada as a young man. He was serving as a Presbyterian minister in Brockville when, in 1840, he accepted a post as Professor of Classics at Queen's.

Although this made him the university's first academic appointment, it was not until two years later on March 7, 1842 that he and the newly-appointed Principal Thomas Liddell taught Queen's first classes in a house on Colborne Street.

Campbell taught at Queen's until 1844, when a schism in the Presbyterian Church divided the university and led to his departure (see Presbyterian Church Schism).

Campbell returned to Scotland to serve as minister in a small parish, but soon took up an appointment at Aberdeen University, where he ended his career as the university's Principal. He is one of two Queen's faculty to serve in that post: Principal William Hamilton Fyfe left Queen's for the principalship of Aberdeen in 1936.