Chernoff Family

[photo of Michael Chernoff]
Michael Chernoff

The Chernoff family generously donated to the building of Chernoff Hall.

Michael Chernoff graduated in 1959 with a degree in Geological Engineering. He is originally from Kamsack, Saskatchewan and attended Queen's on a full scholarship. "Without it," said Chernoff, "I would have had a tough time attending any university. I'm fortunate now to be in a position to give - and there is no greater feeling than providing a gift that will help our outstanding young people to further their ambitions and their dreams."

In addition to his generous donation towards the building of Chernoff Hall, Michael and his wife Dorine established the Chernoff Family Awards, which assist students - often from remote areas of Canada - to attend Queen's.

Bruce Chernoff is from Calgary and graduated from Queen's with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1987.

[photo of Bruce Chernoff]
Bruce Chernoff