Drama, Department of

[photo of students performing "Okey Doke" from "All's Well" in 1977]

Students performing "Okey Doke" from "All's Well," 1977

Courses in drama were first offered at Queen's in the early 20th century through the Department of English, though students and faculty had performed plays in independent groups since the late 19th century.

A separate department was established in 1947 under the directorship of William Angus, whose wife, Margaret Angus, was the second member of the teaching staff.

J.A. Euringer took over the department upon Dr. Angus's retirement in 1963 and ushered in a new era in the department, marked by the conversion of Convocation Hall into a 260-seat theatre and the establishment of offices, workshops, and dressing rooms in the basement of Theological Hall.

The history of Drama at the University is told in Drama at Queen's From its Beginning to 1991, by Erdmute Waldhauer.

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