Dunning Hall

[photo of Dunning Hall in 1988]

Dunning Hall, 1988. Courtesy Currah.

Dunning Hall was built in 1960 and is faced with Queenston limestone. It originally housed the departments of EconomicsPolitical Science, Geography, and Sociology, as well as the School of Industrial Relations and the School of Commerce.

As each of these departments expanded and new buildings were erected, most of these departments moved out and the purpose of Dunning Hall became more specialized.

It housed the School of Business for many years, but on the completion of Goodes Hall in the fall of 2002, it became the home of the Department of Economics.

Located at the southwest corner of University Avenue and Union Street, it includes the spacious Dunning Auditorium, used for public lectures and large classes.

When Mackintosh-Corry Hall was completed in 1973, a walkway was built which connects it with Dunning Hall. Dunning Hall also connects with the Law Building through an underground passageway.

Dunning Hall is named in honour of politician and former Chancellor of Queen's, Charles Avery Dunning.