Economics, Department of

Philosophy Professor John Watson taught courses in Economics at Queen's as early as 1877, but it wasn't until 1889 that a separate department of Political and Economic Science was founded under Professor Adam Shortt.

The department taught and conducted research in most fields of Economics, both theoretical and applied. After 1919, the selection also included Commerce courses.

There has always been a strong interest in Canadian public policy in the department; three members of the department - Shortt, O.D. Skelton, and W.C. Clark - played a major role in the formation of the professional Public Service in Ottawa.

In 1964, the modern Department of Economics was established as a separate unit.

The department's research activities are aided by the John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy.

Three of Queen's Principals - W.A. Mackintosh, John Deutsch, and David Smith - have been drawn from the Economics department, as well as Chancellor David A. Dodge.

The department is part of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

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