Faculty Association, Queen's University (QUFA)

[photo of QUFA]

QUFA is the exclusive bargaining agent for all faculty, librarians, and archivists at Queen’s University.

From its founding in 1951 until 1995, QUFA was a non-unionized Faculty Association organized by the professorate to protect collective and individual rights, with librarians and archivists joining in 1977.

In November 1995, the majority of faculty as well as professional librarians and archivists at Queen’s were organized by QUFA into a collective bargaining unit under the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

In May 2003, QUFA added a second bargaining unit, called Sessional Adjuncts, who teach either individually or jointly for pay. With only a very few exceptions, all Queen’s University faculty were then automatically members of one of the two bargaining units.

In July 2007, the two bargaining units amalgamated to form one bargaining unit.

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