Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Department of

[photo of Miller Hall]

Miller Hall, holds the Department of Geological Engineering at Queen's

Geology was first taught at Queen's in 1858 by Dr. George Lawson, Professor of Chemistry and Natural History.

The first specialist in geology at the university was Robert Bell, who arrived at the university in 1861.

When the Ontario School of Mining and Agriculture was established in 1893, it included separate departments of Geology and Mineralogy, headed by Professors Willet Green Miller and William Nicol. The two departments moved from Carruthers Hall to Ontario Hall in 1903 and to Miller Hall in 1930.

The Department of Geological Sciences was formed in 1950, when Geology and Mineralogy amalgamated. It has a long tradition of research in the fields of mineralogy-petrology, structural geology, and the geology of mineral deposits and has developed strengths in sedimentary geology, geochemistry, engineering geology, and hydrogeology.

It is administered by the Faculty of Arts and Science but also offers undergraduate programs in Smith Engineering, where it offers a program in Geological Engineering, with strengths in mineral exploration, geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, and geophysics.

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