Goneau, Horace Edward (1918-1990)

Horace Edward Goneau was Chief Operating Engineer of the Queen's Heating Plant on King Street from January l961 until July l982.

As part of his job, Goneau would demonstrate how a boiler works to Mechanical Engineering students in the Faculty of Applied Science, for which he was paid a small stipend.

During Goneau's time at Queen's, a large smoke stack was constructed for less pollution, the heating plant was modernized from coal burning boilers to oil/natural gas boilers, various energy-saving measures were instituted, and the line that takes heat to west campus along Union Street was put in place. These projects still endure today.

His son, William Freeman Goneau, graduated from Queen's in 1972 with a degree in Mining Engineering.

Goneau is buried in the Cataraqui Cemetery.