Goodes, Melvin

[photo of Melvin Goodes]Melvin 'Mel' Goodes is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from 1957, one of the University's most generous benefactors, and a member of the Board of Trustees. In 2001, he donated $10 million towards the construction of a new home for the School of Business, which is named Goodes Hall in honour of Mel's parents, Mary and Cedric Goodes.

Goodes said that it was memories of his father's sacrifices, which enabled him to attend university, that inspired him to help other young people have the same opportunity.

"I truly feel that this gift is a sound investment in the future," said Mr. Goodes, who retired from his position as Chairman and CEO of Warner-Lambert Company in 1999.

"Queen's School of Business has shown with its innovative and high-quality programs that it can meet the challenges of a global society. Having one central home where all these initiatives can come together will provide the School with the kind of presence it requires for the 21st century."