Industrial Relations Centre

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The roots of the Centre stretch back to 1936, when future Principal W.A. Mackintosh, then head of Queen's Department of Political and Economic Science, organized a conference on industrial relations at Queen's for academics, government, and industry leaders.

This was the first conference of its kind ever held in Canada. Inspired by its success, Mackintosh lobbied for the creation of an "Industrial Relations Section" to be linked to the Commerce program in his department (see School of Business), which was founded in 1937.

Today's Centre grew out of that section in 1960 and has since achieved an international reputation for its policy-oriented research, extensive publication program, and the continuous learning programs it offers professionals in the field. These activities make the Centre self-supporting.

It is not a teaching unit in the usual sense; Queen's IRC offers 2-5 day professional development programs across Canada, in the areas of human resources, labour relations and organizational development.

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