Intergovernmental Relations, Institute of

This interdisciplinary institute was established in 1965 to provide a University-based forum for research, publications, seminars, and conferences on the basic issues concerning federal and intergovernmental relations in Canada.

It is the only organization in Canada with an exclusive focus on the challenges facing Canadian federalism. Major preoccupations over the years have included the constitutional position of Quebec and the financial relationship between Ottawa and the provinces.

Although it is not a teaching unit in the usual sense, the Institute can provide students and faculty in related disciplines with advice and assistance for research. It has an excellent collection of documentary and other materials on problems related to federalism, sponsors seminars on various aspects of federalism, and publishes a respected annual report on the state of the federation.

The Institute is guided by an advisory council, which is composed of Deputy Ministers of Intergovernmental Affairs from all levels of government, leaders from the business and journalism communities, senior public officials, scholars, and faculty associates.

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