Jackson, Arthur (1890-1976)

[photo of Arthur Jackson]

A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Arthur Jackson joined the 5th Field Company of Canadian Engineers, but did not go overseas until after he finished his BSc at Queen's in 1916, when he served with the 10th Field Company. Jackson was promoted to Lieutenant in the field. Before studying at Queen's, Jackson was already a qualified draftsman, having served as an apprentice at the Hamilton Bridge Company.

When the war ended, Jackson returned to Canada and worked as a designing draftsman for the Hamilton Bridge Company for a year before returning to Queen's, where he was a professor of Engineering Drawing from 1920 to 1956.

In 1930, Mr. Jackson was made secretary of the Faculty of Applied Science. At that time, Dean Clark said of him, "his unsurpassed acquaintance with individual students and his splendid spirit of co-operation made him the ideal man for this work." Jackson also served briefly as Acting Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science.

Through his time at Queen's, Jackson's concern for the quality of student life was well-known; he served on the Students' Union Council for many years and was a member of the original planning committee on men's residences.

Jackson Hall was renamed in his honour the 1970s.