Kingston Field

[Janet and Gordon Nixon on Nixon Field]

Benefactors Janet and Gordon Nixon on Nixon Field, previously Kingston field

Kingston Field is located directly in front of Kingston Hall and sits on top of the Queen's/KGH underground parking lot. It is home turf for Queen's rugby team and is also used by students for general recreational purposes.

The site of Kingston Field was the former militia parade grounds and ordnance lands controlled by the British garrison. It was strategic to Kingston's defence during the period of the Fenian Raids.

In April 2011, the Board of Trustees carried a motion to rededicate the rugby field as 'Nixon Field' in recognition of a generous pledge from Gordon Nixon (BCom'79, LLD'03) and Janet Nixon (BCom'80) in support of Queen's and the Kingston Field revitalization project.

A synthetic playing surface was installed over the field after repairs to the Queen's/KGH parking garage, completed September 2012.