Mathematics and Statistics, Department of

Courses in Mathematics have been offered at Queen's since the university held its first classes in March of 1842.

The first specialist in the subject was the Rev James Williamson (Sir John A. Macdonald's brother-in-law), who taught at Queen's from the fall of 1842 until his death in 1895.

Nathan Dupuis, a driving force behind the establishment of the Engineering and Applied Science faculty at Queen's and designer of the original Grant Hall tower clock, led the department from 1880 to 1911.

The greatest period of expansion in the department's history was under the headship of A. John Coleman (who served from 1960-1980 and died in 2010), when the number of faculty increased from 14 to 48.

In 1979, reflecting changes in the curriculum, the Department of Mathematics was renamed the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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