Oral History of Queen's

The two official volumes of Queen's history cover the time period only up to 1961. Because of this, the Retirees Association of Queen's (RAQ) and Queen's University Archives decided to team up in 2007 and launch an oral history project.

The project, known as the Human History of Queen's, has been run each summer with the help of SWEP (Student Work Experience Program, a initiative of Career Services) funding, and consists of several students serving as the interviewers.

The interviewees have been a range of faculty, staff, and administration who were at Queen's during the 1960's and are willing to share their memories for the project.

Each interview has been transcribed and they are available for researchers in the Queen's University Archives.

It is anticipated that the new University Historian, Dr. Duncan McDowall, will find the oral history interviews very useful for his research for the third volume of Queen's history (1961-2004). 

The full Oral History can be found online in the Queen's Library Database.