Queen's Quarterly

This scholarly review of general interest is the oldest academic journal in Canada. It was founded in 1893 by Principal George Grant, a fierce nationalist who wanted to extend Queen's national outreach and bring scholarship to the general public. According to a Queen's Journal article of that year, it was to be "a medium through which the best thought in Canada can find its way into every home."

The McGill-Queen's Press, the second largest academic press in Canada after the University of Toronto Press, was founded as McGill University Press in 1960 as the only English-language scholarly press east of Toronto. In 1969, Queen's accepted an invitation to become a partner and share costs.

The press was on the verge of financial collapse in 1980, but survived by moving faculty members into editorial positions and temporarily reducing its size. Editorial decisions are made jointly at Queen's and McGill.

Originally a vehicle for articles by Queen's faculty, the Quarterly now carries pieces by a cast of prominent Canadian and international academics and writers, including Michael Ignatieff, Mavis Gallant, Conor Cruise O'Brien, John Polanyi, Jeffery Simpson, Robert Fulford, Umberto Eco, and Mark Kingwell.

It contains articles on politics, literature, science, and he arts, as well as poetry and fiction.

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