Queen's University at Kingston: The First Century of a Scottish-Canadian Foundation, 1841-1941

This was the first comprehensive history of Queen's and remains a valuable source of information about the university. Written by D.D. Calvin (BA 1902), an architect and member of Queen's Board of Trustees, the book describes Queen's founding, its troubled early decades, and its emergence as a major national institution under Principal George Monro Grant.

The book tells the story of Queen's separation from the Presbyterian Church early this century, the crises of the First World War (see Wartime at Queen's), and the emergence of the modern University in the 1920s and 1930s. It also contains excellent chapters on Queen's faculties, student life, lands and buildings, and women at the university (see Admission of Women at Queen's).

The book was published by the Board of Trustees for Queen's centennial celebrations in 1941.

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