Robert Sutherland Hall

[photo of Robert Sutherland Hall]

Robert Sutherland Hall was constructed in 1989 in order to house the growing number of departments and institutes at Queen's concerned with the study of politics and governmental issues under one roof.

In February 2009, responding to an initiative proposed by the Rector, the Alma Mater Society President, the Society of Graduate and Professional Students President, and the Undergraduate Student Trustee, the Board of Trustees approved the naming dedication of the Policy Studies Building in honour of Robert Sutherland.

Robert Sutherland was Canada's first known university student, graduate, and lawyer of colour, and the university's first major benefactor during a time of financial crisis (see Commercial Bank of the Midland District).

Robert Sutherland Hall is home to the School of Policy Studies, the School of Urban and Regional Planning, the Industrial Relations Centre, the Centre for International and Defence Policy, and the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations.