Niveau FREN 400

A practical translation course. Review exercises in comparative stylistics, written and oral thémes.

LEARNING HOURS: 132 (24L;12G;96P)
PREREQUISITE: (FREN 250/3.0 or FREN 360/3.0) and (FREN 231/3.0 or FREN 330/3.0) or a grade of C in FREN 344/3.0.

The goal of this seminar is to enable students pursuing the final year of a Major in French Studies to apply the methods and theory acquired over the course of their program to a corpus of works not previously covered by their program. In a seminar framework, under the guidance of a professor, they will, as a group, present and discuss the fruits of their readings and the questions raised by these readings. In addition, at the end of each of the two terms, they will write an exam designed to measure their ability to consider, both broadly and deeply, the texts they have read, to synthesize their reflections in a theoretically coherent fashion, and to express their findings clearly and coherently.

LEARNING HOURS: 240 (36S;204P)
PREREQUISITE: Level 4 and registration in any FREN Plan or permission of the department.

Explores teaching French as a second language in relation to didactic methods, active learning, cultural content, and pedagogic approaches through both seminars and a teaching practicum in FREN 150/6.0 (formerly FREN 100/6.0).

NOTE: Priority is given to Concurrent Education students who have completed the Con-Ed prerequisites in the Faculty of Education and who have completed an application and been interviewed in the spring prior to the year in which they will be enrolled in the course.

LEARNING HOURS: 240 (48L;24S;48T;120P)
PREREQUISITE: PROF 110/1.5 and [({PROF 210/1.5 or CURR 395/3.0} and PRAC 210/1.5) or PROF 211/1.5 and PRAC 211/1.5)]; and (FREN 230/3.0 and FREN 241/3.0 and {FREN 342/3.0 or FREN 343/3.0}) or FREN 220/6.0 and FREN 212/6.0; FREN 221/6.0.

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