Current Undergraduate Students

Find information on your degree, and on other opportunities that the French Department offers to undergrads.


Travelling Abroad

Study Abroad / Exchange

Interested in taking French courses abroad or on exchange in Canada? See what you'll need to apply.

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Work and Study


Here you will find more information on opportunities the French Department offers interested students to assist faculty.

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Concurrent Education and Teaching French


Information can be found here for CON-Ed Students who are interested in French as a first or second teaching subject.

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Certificate in French Studies


Want to learn french, but can't make it part of your degree plan? Find certificate options to give you credit for your language learning.

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Departmental Student Council

Your 2023-2024 Chairs

Michelle Rubach Flores and Stephanie Demeter 

Responsibilities of a DSC Chair

  • Academic liaison between students, faculty, and staff
  • Organizing social events (ie. bake sales)
  • USAT evaluations

Functions of a DSC Chair

  • Elect a DSC Executive
  • Elect students to serve on Departmental Committees and to serve on Faculty Board
  • Deliver, with the coordination of the department, written course evaluations in all on-campus courses offered within the department.

If you are interested in being a member of the DSC or would like to help with any of our activities (and/or provide suggestions for activities), please contact the DSC Chairs.

Important Forms

Applications for the Certificate of Competence must be submitted to the Department of French Studies by March 31 of your graduating year

Only students who are NOT registered in a French Studies Plan but have taken certain French courses at Queen’s are eligible for a Certificate of Competence in French Language.

NOTE: this is not a Senate-approved Certificate Program and therefore will be noted as an Academic Milestone on the transcript.

Please visit the French Certificates webpage for full details.

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier Memorial Prize

Sir Wilfred Laurier Memorial Scholarship Application Form 2024

Founded by the Ontario Women’s Liberal Association. The scholarship, to perpetuate the memory of the late Sir Wilfrid Laurier, is awarded by the Ontario Women’s Liberal Association for proficiency in French conversation, on recommendation of the Department of French Studies, to a Canadian student (by birth or naturalization) whose native tongue is not French.

Applications should be received by the Department of French Studies prior to 15 February each year; value $385.