Exchange Opportunities with French Studies

The department of French Studies highly encourages students to travel abroad to study. While being immersed in different cultures and lifestyles, students will develop a fuller appreciation of the French language and have an opportunity to study it in greater depth.


International Exchange

Third Year Abroad

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Students enrolled in a French Plan are encouraged to go on exchange in their third year of studies. Students may choose to study abroad for the Fall or Winter Terms or for the entirety of the academic year. 

Starting in mid-October, the International Programs Office will host drop-in Zoom Rooms (no appointment necessary) on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can consult the International Programs Office (IPO) IPO Webinar Series.

How Does it Work? (IPO)

 Apply (IPO)

 Pre-Departure Info & Exchange Timeline (IPO) 

Special Instructions for French Studies

(course planning & pathways)

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The videos below contain specific details that will help students in French Studies plan their exchange. 

If you have questions after watching the videos, please email the Undergraduate Chair, Julien Lefort-Favreau at

  1. Avant l'échange
  2. Pendant l'échange
  3. Après l'échange 

Ontario Rhône-Alpes Exchange


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The ORA exchange is now managed through the Queen's International Programs Office (IPO).

For more information, please start by reviewing the IPO webpage: ORA Summer Language Program. For further assistance, you can contact the International Programs Office directly at


Second Language Summer Bursary Program




Discover another region of Canada and use this opportunity to improve your knowledge of French. Explore offers you five weeks full of opportunities to make discoveries, meet new people, and exchange ideas in a stimulating setting for learning your second language. Experience something new. Explore your country and your personal capabilities!

Students wishing to improve their French skills in a new part of Canada, may consider the intensive French-immersion Explore Program.  

Students must apply for a Letter of Permission prior to departure to determine eligibility of transfer credits.

Permission to take courses
at another institution


To take a course at another Canadian university and obtain a transfer of credit towards their degree, students must apply for a Letter of Permission. Please see Applying for a Letter of Permission in SOLUS for instructions.

For further assistance, contact the Faculty of Arts & Science:
Dunning Hall, First Floor
Tel: 613-533-2470


To independently study abroad, outside of the Arts and Science Exchange Program, and ensure transfer credits, students must apply for an International Letter of Permission.

For further assistance, contact the International Programs Office:
B206 Mackintosh-Corry Hall
Tel: 613-533-2815