International Letter of Permission

  • Who: Undergraduate Arts and Science students in any discipline. See Eligibility for further details 
  • Where: Any accredited and approved university
  • When: Fall, Winter, or Summer
  • How long: Typically one semester/length of program
  • For academic credit? Yes
  • GPA requirement: 1.6 cum GPA (see Eligibility for further details)
  • Application fee: $60 ILOP processing fee
  • Program fee: Varies by program
  • Costs borne by student: Travel documentation, flights, accommodation, meals, insurance
  • Tuition: Payable to host university
  • Financial assistance:  No
  • OSAP eligible:  No

Faculty of Arts and Science Regulations require students to successfully apply for an International Letter of Permission if they wish to independently study abroad outside of the Arts and Science Exchange Program.*

An International Letter of Permission (ILOP) allows you to study abroad with the assurance that you will be able to transfer your credits back to Queen's.

If studying abroad independently you must register as a visiting student and pay tuition to the host university. You are responsible for meeting all host university deadlines and for all associated program costs.

We also use the ILOP to enable transfer credit on several non-exchange programs facilitated by the IPO:

  • Semester in Shanghai
  • KGU Cross-Cultural College
  • OUI Summer Programs

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