RISE-Globalink Research Internship

  • Who: Senior undergraduates in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, earth science, and physics
  • Where: Germany 
  • When: Start date is typically between mid-May and mid-July
  • How long: 10 weeks - 3 months
  • For academic credit? Typically, no
  • GPA requirement: A strong GPA is essential
  • Application fee: No
  • Program fee: No
  • Tuition: No
  • Financial assistance: $6,000 research award from MITACS/DAAD; health, accident, and liability insurance from DAAD
  • OSAP eligible: No

The RISE-Globalink Research Internship (RISE-GRI) is a competitive research initiative. It is co-funded and supported by DAAD and Mitacs. It offers undergraduate students at Canadian universities in specified fields the opportunity to participate in a research project supervised by a doctoral student at a German university or institution.