Identity Abroad

Using these Resources

We hope these resources can help you begin your journey to studying abroad! We recognise that each individual student’s experience and circumstance is unique, and we recognise that not everything will be relevant to each student. We also appreciate we may have missed important information and considerations, and that many of you may hold intersecting identities that are not addressed by these distinct categories. We will be updating these resources periodically and if you have any feedback please do let us know at

We encourage you to spend some time exploring the following sections on each page:

  1. Considerations for Study Abroad
    Here we provide some important items for consideration, and to help with your research and decision-making.
  2. Important Questions to Ask Yourself or Adviser
    Once you have looked at some of the considerations for studying abroad, we invite you to look at questions you may or may not have thought of relating to your time abroad. We hope the answers will help with your country-specific learning.
  3. Additional Tips
    Other considerations you may wish to think about. If you study abroad and have any other tips, please let us know so that we can share this information with other students!
  4. Services & Support
    Here we provide a list of student services and support who wish to study abroad and have questions or concerns. These services and support exist inside and outside of Queen’s. Our office can always provide you with a referral if you would like.
  5. Resources
    Here we provide a list of the resources we used to build this webpage as well as resources that we think are relevant for students hoping to unpack or reflect on study abroad opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns we invite you to connect with the IPO, your program coordinator/director (if not in the IPO), or one of the resources listed.

With thanks to Brown University; Iowa State University; University of Maryland; Northern Arizona University; Portland Community College; Toronto Metropolitan University; and at Queen's, Alan Jeans (Manager, QSAS); Erin Clow (Education Manager, HREO); Jean Pfleiderer (Sexual and Gender Diversity Coordinator, HREO); Jermaine Marshall (Inclusion and Anti-Racism Adviser, HREO); Kandice Baptiste (Director, 4D); Kate Johnson (former Chaplain).