Bader College

  • Who: All undergraduate students
  • Where: UK
  • When: Summer
  • How long: Varies by program
  • For academic credit? Yes
  • GPA requirement: 1.6 GPA - see Eligibility for more details
  • Application fee: No
  • Program fee: Varies by program
  • Costs borne by student: Travel documentation, flights, insurance
  • Tuition: Covered in program fee
  • Financial assistance: Yes - Bader College bursaries for eligible students
  • OSAP eligible: Yes

Surrounded by history in a 15th century English castle, Bader College is a distinctly Queen’s learning experience with an international perspective. Featuring an average class size of ten students and integrated field studies for personalized and immersive academics, Bader College offers Upper Year students the opportunity to earn Queen's credits in an engaging, interactive setting.

As Queen’s international campus in East Sussex, England, Bader College's courses focus on international and intercultural themes. These programs are open to all students attending Queen's, as well as students from other post-secondary institutions.

Programs Term Number of Units Mid-Term Trip Destination Relevant Majors
General Upper Year Winter 15.0 Northern England, Scotland Any, HIST, PSYC, HLTH
International Law and Politics Winter 15.0 France and Germany HIST, POLS, SOCY, DEVS
Castle Summer+ Summer 9.0 London Any
Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability Summer 9.0 Geneva, Lyon, Cambridge, London BIOL, HLTH, KNPE

Please note

  • Mid-term trip destinations are based on previous years and may vary based on operational and academic requirements; length varies by program and semester.
  • "Relevant majors" are advisory only - students in any discipline who meet the program requirements may apply.

How You'll Learn

  • Experiential and active learning
  • Small class sizes
  • Graduate-style contact with professors

Fees: What’s Included

  • Tuition
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Mid-term trip
  • Residence and meal plan
  • Access to Bader College facilities and services
  • Regular trips around Sussex and nearby area
  • Transfers to and from London Heathrow (restrictions apply)


  • 1.6 GPA or higher
  • Good academic standing
  • Must be Level 2 standing or above (i.e., completed First Year by the time the program starts)
  • No LOP or credit transfer required
  • Some programs may have additional requirements

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