KGU Cross-Cultural College

  • Who: Undergraduate students in any faculty or discipline. See Eligibility for further details
  • Where: Canada (Winter), Japan (Summer)
  • When: Winter (Reading week) for Global Career Seminar in Canada; Summer for Global Career Seminar in Japan and Global Internship in Japan
  • How long: 1 - 7 weeks (varies by program)
  • For academic credit? Yes
  • GPA requirement: Min 1.6 cum GPA; to be competitive, 2.6+
  • Application fee: No ($60 ILOP fee for successful applicants)
  • Program fee: Online - none; in-person - varies by program
  • Costs borne by student: Travel documentation, flights, insurance
  • Tuition: Payable to Queen's
  • Financial assistance: ¥80,000 (c.$900 CAD) for programs in Japan for eligible students, GSO Award
  • OSAP eligible: Yes

In this innovative program supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Canadian and Japanese undergraduate students take courses with an emphasis on multiculturalism and international studies to develop the skills they need to be global citizens and the leaders of tomorrow. This program provides a unique opportunity for Queen's students to meet and interact closely with Japanese students from KGU and other Canadian students (from Mount Allison University, King's University College - Western University, and the University of Toronto).

Programs that take place in Japan are subsidized through generous funding provided by the Japanese government.

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students will receive an official Cross-Cultural College Certificate issued by Kwansei Gakuin University.

Available Programs

Global Career Seminar - Canada

Winter program.

Find out more about the GCS in Canada

Global Career Seminar - Japan

Summer program.

Find out more about the GCS in Japan

Global Internship - Japan

Summer program.

Find out more about the GI in Japan

Important Information for All Programs

Eligibility and Application

Read the eligibility criteria and application guidelines closely to ensure a successful submission.

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Credit Transfer

Ensure you follow the right steps to transfer credit back to your degree at Queen's.

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KGU Certificate

Enhance your degree by completing the KGU Certificate requirements.

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Tuition and Financial Assistance


The Global Career Seminar and Global Internship are both 3.0 credit courses at KGU and individually are considered equivalent to a 3.0 unit course at Queen's University. Queen’s University students pay standard tuition fees to Queen’s for the courses taken through the KGU CCC, in accordance with fees that are posted on the Office of the University Registrar website. Students are assessed tuition according to their home faculty/school. Please visit the Office of the University Registrar website for details. Students may decide to drop one of their 3.0 unit Winter term courses in order to count the Global Career Seminar (Canada) course as one of their Winter term courses.

JASSO Scholarship

In-person participants of the CCC summer programs who meet the JASSO Scholarship requirements will receive a scholarship from the Japanese Student Services Organization (JASSO), currently valued at ¥80,000 (c.$900 CAD). See the JASSO GPA Guidelines (.pdf, 253KB) for more details.

Global Skills Opportunity Award

Students applying for the Cross Cultural College Programs in Japan are eligible to apply for the Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) Award which is an integral component of the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy. The GSO program aims to provide postsecondary students with invaluable international study and work experiences, strengthening their global skills and competencies.

Categories for this award includes: Indigenous students, Low income students, those with disabilities and other students facing barriers who may receive financial support for in-person mobility to Kwansei Gaukuin University campus in Japan. Awards of $2,500 CAD are distributed based on the above named categories for successful CCC applicants.

Please note: students may also apply for the JASSO scholarship through the CCC program, therefore GSO funding may be adjusted.

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