Fees you should anticipate include:

  • Accommodation and living expenses
  • UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) - mandatory
  • Transit Pass - included at no cost
  • Books and supplies

Financial Aid and Awards provides estimated accommodation and living expenses. Costs may vary depending on a student's personal situation and your actual costs will vary depending on your lifestyle and personal spending habits. Refer to the Residence Fee Schedule for the most up to date on-campus residence fees. The Off-Campus Living Adviser has additional information about budgeting for off-campus accommodation and living.

As a student at Queen's you have access to the Queen's Centre, which includes an accessible swimming pool, gyms, cardio rooms and more. Classes typically cost extra.


We encourage you to make a budget before travelling. Numbeo is a crowdsourced cost of living tool that you can use to get a feel for prices in Kingston. We also encourage your budget includes enough room for unexpected emergency costs. Once you arrive at Queen's, however, you may find you need to adapt your budget. 

Other financial information

Exchange students do not pay tuition fees to Queen's - instead they pay their tuition fees to their home university. For many students this means they can study internationally but avoid paying international tuition fees. 

Queen's University currently offers limited awards for incoming exchange students.

  • French Exchange Scholarship

    Awarded to a student from France visiting Queen's University as part of an exchange agreement between the French Consulate and Queen's University. Queen's commitment provides full tuition, fees and UHIP plus a living allowance. Speak with your home university or contact Financial Aid and Awards for more information. 

  • Canadian Robert T. Jones Scholarships

    Up to eight annual scholarships of $7,000 CAD are offered by the Robert T Jones Jr Foundation for St Andrews students studying at Queen's University or Western University. Further details regarding the scholarship will be sent directly to St Andrews students who have been accepted to Queen's for exchange.

If you require emergency financial assistance, some options are available. Other supports include:

You may also be able to work on campus if your study permit allows you to do so.