Budgeting for Off-Campus Living




Most are priced per bedroom

Most Kingston student housing is priced per bedroom.  As of Spring 2024, prices ranged from $650/person to $1.100/person per room plus utilities. 


In theory the rent should be less when:

  • You share a unit with more occupants
  • You live further away (outside the University District)
  • You have smaller bedrooms, or less common living space
  • Your unit/house is un-renovated or poorly maintained



Utilities Kingston

Call Utilities Kingston at 613-546-0000 (8am to 5pm EST, Monday to Friday excluding holidays). Follow the voice prompts and speak to a customer service representative for a factual estimate of the utility costs.

Landlord's requirement

Every landlord is required to provide prospective tenants with a summary of the past 12 months of electricity usage.

Heated by oil?

If a unit is heated by oil, you must budget to buy that commodity separately. Ask the kind of heat and the fuel source when you are comparing apartments.




It is essential

Insurance is essential in rental situations and a lease may specify the specific dollar amount of liability coverage required by the Tenant. Your lease may require you to provide the Landlord with proof of insurance..

Must obtain

Tenants must obtain their own liability insurance and property insurance for the contents of the space in which they live.

Landlord will insure the building

The Landlord will insure the building with respect to liability and property damage but, while the Landlord and Tenant's liability coverage may overlap, the property insurance covered by the Landlord does not cover the interior contents of the Tenant's space.

Seek individual coverage

Student tenants should first seek individual coverage for their own contents and personal liability under a parent's home insurance policy. That policy may limit the number of co-tenants you may share with.

Can't be insured?

Students who cannot be insured under a parent may have to buy a group insurance package to cover all the tenants.  Cost vary widely.