Leaving Queen’s

We encourage you to think about the activities and tasks you will have to do when you leave your exchange experience at Queen's. There are lots of offices and departments that are available to help you be successful. If you have any problems we encourage you to contact us!


To support you during exams season we encourage you to connect with Student Academic Success Services to find out how to approach your revision and exams.

Exams season can also be a busy one but we hope you will find time for some self-care! Remember that Student Wellness Services (SWS) is open during exams and provides lots of support. If you are feeling like you need a bit of this support please reach out to SWS or contact our team!

Studying for exams

Moving out

Moving out is a big job. Planning is key to moving successfully while also writing exams, preparing for jobs and saying goodbye to friends. Students routinely underestimate how much “stuff” they have accumulated and often get caught short of time (and boxes) to move properly. If you are living in Residence, make sure to follow the move-out guide.

Moving out (off-campus)

Returning home

We know that leaving can be just as difficult as arriving. We encourage you to reach out to your home university and see what re-entry supports are available to you. You may also find some of our re-entry resources useful for you.

Returning home resources


Queen's University will send one copy of your official Queen's transcript to the exchange office at your home university. If you have any outstanding fees on your student account (SOLUS) your transcript will be withheld until these fees have been paid. You can also access an unofficial copy of your transcript on SOLUS and order additional official copies.

Order additional transcripts

Email and SOLUS

Once you leave Queen's you will still have access to your Queen's email and SOLUS. You will have access to email and Office 365 through Queen's for 365 days, after which your service is terminated. You will have ongoing, continued access (i.e., beyond one year) to SOLUS to allow you to check your grades and order additional transcripts etc.

See service termination timelines