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Emergency Assistance

AMS Emergency Taxi Fund:

The Emergency Taxi fund, funded by the AMS, was created for students with temporary mobility impairments, who require taxi assistance to and from campus and classes. The AMS financially supports a number of accessibility programs for students. As a result the amount of funding for the Emergency Taxi fund is limited.

AMS/SGPS Out-of-City Healthcare Travel Bursary:

Established in May 2016 by the Alma Mater Society and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students, and awarded on the basis of self-identified need on the part of the applicant who requires financial support to attend healthcare appointments outside of City of Kingston, generally with a Specialist. The amount of funding for the Healthcare Travel Bursary is limited.

Walter Fenlon & Linda A Daly Chaplain's Trust Fund

The Walter Fenlon and Linda Ann Daly Chaplain's Trust Fund was established to provide emergency financial assistance for students, at the discretion of the University Chaplain, with first priority to international or indigenous students in any year of any Faculty or School at Queen's University. The intent is to help students dealing with a sudden or serious shortfall of funds needed for items such as but not limited to: emergency travel related to family, groceries, rent or medical/dental expenses.

Emergency Bursary:

In the case of an emergency when immediate assistance is required, students should contact the Student Awards Office directly.

What is considered an emergency?

  • Any circumstance where the student is experiencing unexpected financial strain due to circumstances out of their control may be considered an emergency.
  • Some examples include: sudden illness or death in the family resulting in travel, loss of property due to fire, assault or robbery of personal possessions, etc.

What is NOT considered an emergency?

  • Outstanding Tuition and Fees to the University
  • Expenses related to financial concerns of pets, friends, or family members (i.e. medical/dental/home repair/parent’s mortgage payments)
  • Travel for leisure or to visit family
  • Temporary delay of funding

Options for financial concerns that are not an emergency include:

Cash Flow Difficulties:

If you are having a temporary cash flow difficulty (e.g. your government student assistance funding is not arriving until mid-September, however you require funds now to buy books), you may wish to considered applying for a Short Term Loan. Students with temporary cash flow difficulties will not be considered for Emergency Assistance.