Student Data Systems

Access to data is assigned based on the requirements of a staff member's official duties, including to assess students' qualification for entry, establishing their performance in programs and courses, providing the basis for awards and government funding and assisting the university in the academic and financial administration of its affairs.

Assigning Access to Student Records

This section describes the Office of University Registrar (OUR) privacy and security, and guidelines and procedures, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for assigning access to student and applicant records.

The Student Data Systems are a collection of private, confidential information about applications, students, and instructors, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection Act.

Employees of Queen's University who have access to information stored in the Student Data Systems must be familiar with the university privacy documents and sign an undertaking agreeing to use such personal information only as is necessary to perform legitimate university functions.

  • The Student and Applicant Record Policy (PDF, 820 KB) defines the rights and obligations of students and of the university and its officers in matters pertaining to student records and applications. It stipulates that faculty and staff members of the university are given access to information contained in student records if they need to know the information in order to perform their official duties
  • The Electronic Information Security Policy sets out the responsibilities of members of the university community to safeguard information systems

Faculty and staff members of the university are given access to information contained in student records if they need to know the information in order to perform their official duties. As a general rule, only employees involved in some aspect of academic administration or student affairs are given access to the contents of student records.

For example, individual instructors are not normally entitled to see any part of a student's record not directly related to her/his specific course, including past academic performance and letters of reference.

Job Changes

When a person who has access to any of the student data systems changes jobs within a department or within the university, they may or may not continue to have access to student data.

Access to all student data is provided for people to perform the specific duties of their current job. When a person changes jobs, and duties, then they may or may not continue to need access to the same student data.

The Registrar's Office is informed by Human Resources when anyone with access to any of the student data systems changes jobs, and unless you re-apply for access to the data to perform the duties of your new job, then your current access to all student data systems will be revoked.

  1. Faculty and staff holding certain positions in academic departments (e.g., chair of undergraduate studies, departmental administrator) and Faculty Offices may request access to the contents of students' records contained in the student data warehouse, the degree list data warehouse, the student photo identification card database and the student information system
    • Through the university's registration system, SOLUS, each student has access to his/her academic record. If an individual student seeks academic advice from a faculty or staff member who does not have OUR-authorized access to student record information, the student may, at his/her discretion, elect to share the SOLUS academic record with the member
    • Access to the student information system data base is assigned according to the required level of access as determined by a member's official duties connected with the purpose for which the data was collected. Differing levels of access are available and these levels are defined as a series of "profiles." Each profile allows access to specific information and on either a query or update basis
    • Students of Queen's University may be assigned access to students' records in the capacity of employees or volunteers. Supervisors assume the responsibility for ensuring confidentiality is maintained and for ensuring that students understand that violation of confidentiality constitutes a breach of the agreement to maintain confidentiality and a breach of the University's Code of Conduct. Access for defined period of time will be provided on authorization by the supervisor
  2. The procedure for obtaining access to the contents of students' records in the data bases referred to in 1. above, requires the faculty or staff member wishing access to be approved by the Department Head and the OUR Security Administrator
    • If a status change occurs (e.g., a new NetID, a change in duties or position within the university, etc.), the Security Administrator will approve the appropriate changes before continued access to student records takes place. Individuals newly receiving access to update profiles will be contacted and offered training on PeopleSoft screens (and related SOLUS screens)

All faculty and staff who need to have access to student data are required to complete and submit the PeopleSoft Student Systems Access Request Form to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). If you currently have access to any of the Student Data Systems, then the OUR will already have a copy of your signed form; you'll be notified by the Student Data Security Administrator if this form is required for this application.

Student Photos

A photo of current Queen's students is stored electronically and is used to produce student cards for academic and campus security purposes. The photo can be made available to Faculty or Departmental Offices as required.

Student photos are confidential data, just like any other piece of student information, and fall under the same privacy guidelines as a student's name, address, marks, etc.. The onus is on all university staff and faculty to ensure the confidentiality of the data as outlined in the Student and Applicant Record Policy (PDF, 820 KB).

  • The Registrar's Office will not provide photos of any student who has requested complete privacy of their personal data. A request for complete privacy can be made by any student and would be granted for safety reasons only

Please read the process outlined below, then contact the Photo ID Assistant by phone (75295) or email if you have any questions

  • For security reasons, we can respond to requests only from appropriate Faculty Offices or Departmental administrators
  • Please see the Student ID Cards page to learn more about student photos and identification
  1. The Security Clearance and Undertaking Form (PDF, 118.7KB) must be completed before we give you the photos. If you currently have access to any of the Student Data Systems, then we should already have a copy of your signed form; you'll be notified if this form is required for this application
  2. You will need to send the Registrar's Office a list of the student numbers for whom you want a photo and the reason why. Send the .txt file(s) as an email attachment to 
    • Please submit all 7-digit student numbers without the leading 0. The only accepted 8-digit numbers will be for students whose numbers are 1#######, 2#######., etc.
    • Please put the numbers into a text (.txt) file, one number per line, with NO dashes, such as:
      • 1122334
      • 5433221
      • 10001234
      • 10005678
  3. We will run a job to get the photos based on the file you sent. This job will create one jpeg file for each student in your list for whom we have a picture. For example, if you had 50 student numbers in your list, the job should produce 50 separate jpeg files, each containing a picture of the student whom the student number on the file name refers to, such as:
    • 1122334.jpg
    • 5433221.jpg
    • 10001234.jpg
    • 10005678.jpg
  4. We will then contact you to send the photo files. You have two options to receive the files:
    • The Photo ID Assistant will place the pictures in Microsoft OneDrive and email you when they are available for you to download; or
    • The Photo ID Assistant can send the pictures via ftp to your designated, secure computer

Data and Data Support Requests

  • Find information on the various reports that the Office of the University Registrar is responsible for preparing 
  • Institutional Data that is made available to the public can be found on the Office of Institutional Research and Planning
  • We try to work on all Report Requests as quickly as possible; however, we cannot guarantee same day service. We strive to provide a minimum turnaround time of 5 working days from the time of your request to completion of the project, but this is not always possible. Please do not expect same day service

If you currently have access to reports through Power BI (e.g. Student Class List, UAR Dashboard) containing Applicant or Student Data and would like to learn tips and tricks on how to best use the tool, please refer to our training documentation (PDF, 859 KB.). You can also view our Student Enrolment Dashboard Demonstration below



If you would like to request access to reports we have delivered through Power BI (e.g. Student Class List, UAR Dashboard) containing Applicant or Student Data please follow these Service Now Creation Steps

If you have questions about any existing reports, including Power BI, or require access to a delivered PeopleSoft query submit a Data and Data Support Request 


Applicants are those applying to be considered for admission to the university, they are not registered students.

The Office of the University Registrar can only provide admission information related to programs administered by the Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment Office. For admission information related to Teacher’s Education, Medicine, Law or Graduate Studies, please contact the respective Queen’s admissions department.

Request Admission Data

Students are those who accepted an offer of admission and intend to study, are currently registered in studies, or were, in past terms, registered in studies. They are not applicants.

Request Student Data