Release Dates & Viewing Your Grades

To order an official transcript, and for information on degree release dates, check out our Transcript page.

Fall Term Grades: January 12

Winter Term Grades: May 12*

Summer Term Grades: June 1

  • Although final grades may appear in the SOLUS Student Centre early, they will not print on official transcripts until the date noted above 

  • Grades should be released according to the dates above, however, if grades are missing, you may contact your department to learn when they may be posted. If you place a transcript order and select 'hold for Grade Posting,' orders will be released as per the dates above only if all your grades are in
    • It is important that students verify that all grades have been received and fully entered before ordering their Official Transcripts. Students can verify their information by generating and reviewing an unofficial transcript copy via SOLUS
  • For summer term courses that end after June 1, the final grade will appear on your transcript as soon as it is entered in SOLUS
  • For students in the Queen's School of English and Continuing Teacher Education, grades will print on your official transcript once they have been posted in SOLUS

In releasing official transcripts, a mark of 'IN' is considered a grade, and your transcript will reflect this. Mid-term grades do not print on official transcripts.

  • *Students who defer writing their exam from April to May, please note an IN may be entered in April when grades are posted. Do not order your transcript until the IN is changed to a grade after you write your exam in May

Official transcript ordering information, turn-around times, and degree release and print dates

Senate Policy on Student Debtors

  1.  On the main page of SOLUS, click on the ‘other academic…’ dropdown box and select Grades. Click the Go button
  2. Select the desired term and then click the Continue button


Parental Access to Student Information

For parents looking to access their student’s final grades: we are unable to disclose a student’s personal information, including their fee balance, unless the student authorizes us to release this information on our online student registration system (SOLUS), as per Ontario government law and University Senate policy governing privacy and personal information.


Grade Distribution Report

Through the SOLUS Student Centre, students and alumni are able to generate Grade Distribution Reports which include the enrolment, class average, and distribution of marks for a given course and/or term.

To generate a grade distribution report:

  1. Log into the SOLUS Student Centre
    • In order to log in to SOLUS, you will be asked to provide your NetID and password. Learn more about your NetID and how to activate it on the SOLUS page
    • If you are planning on printing forms from the SOLUS Student Centre, please ensure that your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome) is set to allow pop-up windows
  2. On the main page of SOLUS, click on the 'other academic...' dropdown box and select 'Grades.' Click the go button
  3. Select the desired term and click 'Continue'
  4. Click the 'Grade Distribution' button at the top to access the grade distribution report for all your courses that term. It will open in a new window