The SOLUS Student Centre is designed to provide you with the tools to manage all of your admission, registration, academic, financial, and personal information/contact details during – and after – your academic career at Queen's.

Find information on how to access and navigate the SOLUS Student Centre.

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SOLUS is a Gaelic word that means "knowledge and light." It also stands for "Student On Line University System."

The SOLUS Student Centre is the primary means by which online services are provided to students. Whether you are new to Queen’s, or are a returning student, you will access SOLUS for a variety of things – from checking your fees, to selecting your classes, to viewing your class and exam schedules, to downloading forms for Enrolment Verification and Income Tax purposes.

As with any technology, the more you use a service the more comfortable you become with it.

We encourage you to take the time to navigate SOLUS on your own – click on the various links within the Student Centre and see where they lead.

SOLUS Overview


On your SOLUS Student Centre, you will find tiles containing information about your student record. Here is a brief summary of what each tile contains:

  • Admissions – information on your admission status
  • Academic Records – view your course history, your grades, produce an unofficial transcript, order an official transcript, produce a verification of enrolment, do program/plan selection, view your transfer credits, apply for transfer credits
  • Financial Account – view charges owing, view due dates, review your payment history, produce a fee statement, enrol in payment plan (only available to graduate students), enter your banking information, opt out process, produce T2202A
  • Manage Classes – current enrolments; Enrolment Appointment Time (if applicable) and Open Enrolment Dates; your Shopping Cart; search and enrol in classes; drop classes; course catalogue; view your Planner, Academic Advisement Report
  • Profile – contains your biographic information (name, address, phone number, emergency contact, release of information, and indigenous self-identification)
  • Exam Schedule – view your exam schedule (available at specific times of year)
  • Tasks – list of tasks that require your attention
  • Graduation – apply to graduate and monitor application status
  • Financial Aid – view your account balances, payments, produce a fee statement
  • Links for Queen's – Queen’s web links that you may find useful
  • Academic Progress – track your progress, produce an advisement report, produce a ‘what-if’ report



On your SOLUS Student Centre, you will find tiles containing information about your student record. Each tile features several navigation headings. Here is a brief guide on each tile and their navigations: 



  • Includes information on admission status including application status, financial aid offers, applying for admissions, and supporting documentation


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Academic Records

  • Includes academic information such as course history, grades, transcripts, enrolment verification, program/plan selection, and transfer credits  


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Financial Account

  • Includes outstanding charges, due dates, payment history, fee statements, graduate payment plans, banking information, opt-out processes, and T2202A production

    • Notes:  

      • Distance Ed Tuition Payment navigation only appears if you are registered in a distance studies career 

      • Charges due will only appear if there is an outstanding balance  



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Manage Classes

  • Includes information on current enrolments, weekly schedules, enrolment appointment times, open enrolment dates, course shopping cart, class searching and enrolling, dropping classes, course catalogue, planner, and academic advisor report  


  • Includes biographical information  


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Exam Schedule

  • Provides exam schedule and relevant details for each final exam. Available at specific times of the year 


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  • List of tasks which require attention

    • Notes:  

    • To Do List only appears if there is an incomplete Activity Guide or Checklist item. For example: 

      • Social Insurance Number Collection  

      • Updating Student Contact Information 

      • Student Code of Conduct 

      • Queen’s Student ID Card Terms of Service 

    • Holds will only appear if there is a hold on the account. For example:

      • Financial hold due to outstanding fees owing 

      • Academic hold due to poor academic standing 

    • Completed Agreements will only appear if there is at least one complete Activity Guide item 


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  • Includes graduation application and convocation details