Ancillary Fees

Ancillary Fees support activities and services provided by the university and by student governments, and their faculty/school societies, and clubs. Current 2022-23 fees, descriptions, and links to more information are listed below.

More ancillary fee information is also posted to the following sites:

For a list of tuition and fees costs, check the Undergraduate and Graduate tuition and fee pages.



Who Has to Pay?

All students who register in 9.0 or more credit-hours in a term, or 18.0 or more over both fall and winter terms, must pay ancillary fees.

Students registered under the "Distance/Online" career profile are not assessed ancillary fees, and are not eligible to ‘opt in’ to the fees listed below.


Opt-Out Deadline

Students can opt-out of optional fees, online through SOLUS, early September until September 30The opt-out process can only be completed once per year.

  • Students are encouraged to review all fees so they are able to make informed decisions about their choices since, once confirmed, selections are final
  • Undergraduate students can find opt-out details on the AMS website
  • Masters, PhD, Law, and fifth-year Education students can find opt-out details on the SGPS website

Any questions regarding ancillary fees or about opting out procedures should be directed to:

  •  Alma Mater Society: AMS Information Officer at Room 044, John Deutsch University Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6; email:
  •  Society of Graduate and Professional Students: SGPS, Room 021, John Deutsch University Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6;


Opt In to Pay Ancillary Fees - Winter 2023

Students who have not been assessed ancillary fees who wish to opt in, may use this form.  Once completed and signed, email the form to  The form must be received no later than January 25, 2023.


  • By electing to opt in, you will be assessed ALL ancillary fees as indicated on the form;
  • You may opt out of Health and Dental plans by providing proof of existing coverage to 
  • UGRD students in an online career (DIST) MAY NOT opt in to ancillary fees;
  • If you are 65 years old or over, you MAY NOT opt in to Health and Dental plan(s);
  • Visit  for AMS details or  for SGPS details.

Undergraduate Programs

Includes Arts and Science, Commerce, Concurrent Education, Engineering and Applied Science, MBA, Nursing

Total: $782.18

Academic Grievance Centre 

The Academic Grievance Centre helps with academic grievances, regulations, and disciplinary issues. Their knowledgeable volunteers can be a resource and support if you have a problem or simply need someone to listen.

Fee Amount: $1.09

Accessibility Queen's 

Accessibility Queen's (AQ) is an AMS committee responsible for allocating funds collected from this student fee towards initiatives and projects that will enhance student accessibility on-campus. These measures systemically address accessibility challenges that students face, including but not limited to academic, social, physical, or financial barriers. Some past projects include technology upgrades in computer labs, establishing an accessibility award, installing new accessibility features in student buildings, and subsidies for travel costs for students facing healthcare challenges. You can reach AQ at

Fee Amount: $0.50

AMS Food Bank

Located in JDUC Room 343, the AMS Food Bank provides confidential and non-judgmental food services to members of the Queen’s community on a daily basis. We are a non-profit organization, which aims to combat food insecurity in the most comfortable environment possible. The student fee is crucial in funding upkeep of the Food Bank and in the purchasing of food, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, rice, meat, and other food items.

The AMS Food Bank provides a reliable and confidential service that aims to provide students with healthy food options as they pursue academic achievement. We also seek to address the underlying causes of food insecurity in order to alleviate—and ultimately eliminate—barriers to accessing healthy food options and resources amongst Queen’s students. We also work closely with other relevant organizations in the Queen’s and Kingston community.

They can be reached at, or (613) 533-6000 ext. 32737.

Fee Amount: $2.00

AMS Membership Fee

The AMS Membership Fee grants participating students access to:

  • Apply to more than 700 positions in the AMS and its services
  • Take part in more than 250 student-run clubs, including conferences, community service organizations, and other activities
  • Volunteer in student-run services, committees, and initiatives like the Peer Support Centre and Food Bank
  • Receive exclusive deals at AMS businesses like the Common Ground, Tricolour Outlet, and Queen’s Pub
  • Vote in certain elections and referenda/stand for AMS election
  • Access to a wide range of AMS grants and bursaries

The AMS advocates, serves, and represents the interests of Queen’s students to the university, and as to the municipal, provincial, and federal governments. The AMS engages in education and advocacy campaigns on topics such as mental health, sexual violence, discrimination, academics, and other issue relevant to undergraduates.

By providing free resources to students (like the Housing Resource Centre and Academic Grievance Centre), they try to make your time at Queen’s as comfortable and fulfilling as it can be. By supporting the clubs community at Queen’s they also seek to enrich the Queen’s experience. You can find out more at 

Fee Amount: $65.09

Athletics and Recreation

On-campus fitness centre; includes gymnasiums, squash courts, weight rooms, cardio zone, women’s only gym, aquatic pool, dance studios, and more. A wide breath of programming from varsity; intramurals; fitness and casual recreation is offered. Students can use their Queen’s student card to gain access to a multitude of active living opportunities. Locker rooms have showers, with laundry service available. 

Fee Amount: $319.06

Ban Righ Centre Mature Student Bursary

The foundation supports academic success for mature women students at Queen’s, including those with children. The bursary is a needs-based financial service available to mature women students.

Fee Amount: $1.00


Annual transit pass that gives students access to all Kingston bus routes an unlimited number of times, including routes negotiated specifically for students. Valid effective September 1 for 12 months.

Fee Amount: $122.00

Campus Observation Room

The Campus Observation Room (COR) is a harm-reduction program run by Student Wellness Services that aims to reduce the risk of alcohol-related injury by assessing and monitoring intoxicated students. The funds collected from this fee go towards the cost of the detox staff salaries, the COR student coordinator, and the purchase of cots, linens, and other essential materials.

Fee Amount: $0.85

Golden Words

Golden Words is a student-run humour publication founded in 1967 by EngSoc. It is the largest comedy organization on campus, producing articles and hosting events throughout the year. They accept contributions from all Queen’s students.

Fee Amount: $2.00

JDUC Accessibility Fund

This fee has been committed to the JDUC Redevelopment Capital Project to improve physical accessibility features for the redeveloped building. 

Fee Amount: $2.70

JDUC Accessibility Fund - Admin. Fee

Administrative support for the JDUC Accessibility Fund. 

Fee Amount: $0.38

JDUC Redevelopment Fee

Supports the redevelopment of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) into an accessible, sustainable, vibrant, and modern student centre at the crossroads of campus.

Fee Amount: $73.92

Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA)

OUSA represents the interests of approximately 150,000 professional and undergraduate, university students at 8 student associations across Ontario. Fees contribute to the infrastructure to support conferences and advocacy.

Fee Amount: $3.24

Peer Support Centre

Provides undergraduates with confidential, non-judgmental, and empathetic peer-based support on a range of topics including academic grievances, financial issues, oppression/discrimination, sexual assault, mental health, and more.  

Fee Amount: $8.00

Peer Support Centre - Admin. Fee

Administrative support for the Peer Support Centre.

Fee Amount: $3.88

Queen’s Journal

The Queen's Journal, oldest student run newspaper in Canada, founded in 1873, is the main and only editorially autonomous newspaper at Queen's, covering campus, student, and Kingston issues. Fee supports overall operations.

Fee Amount: $9.66

Queen's Legal Aid

Queen’s Legal Aid (“QLA”) has been a vital part of the Queen’s community for decades. QLA operates under a funding agreement with Legal Aid Ontario that allows law students, working under the direct supervision of a lawyer, to provide legal services to economically disadvantaged residents of the City of Kingston. The fee enables QLA to extend eligibility for their free legal services to participating Queen’s students, regardless of the student’s family income. QLA represents eligible Queen’s students with disputes with their landlords before the Landlord and Tenant Board, in Small Claims Court matters, and on minor criminal charges and charges laid under the Provincial Offences Act, including Highway Traffic Act matters. In addition, students are also eligible for additional free legal services, including commissioning and notarizing documents and certifying true copies, such as documents that are required for international travel purposes, and applications for membership in professional regulatory bodies. 

Fee Amount: $5.50

Queen's Student Constables

A peer-to-peer security service that embodies students being responsible for students. They work to keep everyone safe by upholding AMS and universities’ rules and regulations at sanctioned events and venues around campus.

Fee Amount: $12.18

Queen's Student Constables - Admin. Fee

Administrative support for the Queen's Student Constables.

Fee Amount: $2.58

Sexual Assault Centre Kingston

A non-profit organization providing free, confidential, non-judgmental crisis support, counselling, information, referral, and advocacy services for survivors of sexual violence in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Sexual Health Resource Centre

The SHRC is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the highest standards of sexual health for everyone at Queen’s University. They provide confidential information services and referrals, wholesale-cost products such as $3 pregnancy tests, educational programs, and accompaniments. The fees collected fund operational costs such buying educational and outreach materials. The SHRC provides the Undergraduate population at Queen’s with affordable and safe access to resources, products, and services within the realm of sex, sexual health, and sexual identity/orientation.

Our services can be found in the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) Room 223.
Telephone: 613-533-2959. 
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @shrckingston.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Student Health Evening Clinic

Evening hours increases student access to Wellness Services. Since September 2017, SWS has been open four evenings a week from 5 pm–7:30 pm (Monday–Thursday). Evening services include same-day and booked appointments with family doctors and with counsellors. The funds go towards salaries and benefits of health care providers and administrative staff, and the purchase of supplies and equipment. 

Fee Amount: $3.75

Student Life Centre

Comprises the JDUC, Queen's Centre, and 51 Bader Lane (the Grey House). They provide bookable space for student groups and other members of the Queen's community, free programming for students, and information to all campus visitors. 

Fee Amount: $36.28

Student Life Centre – Admin. Fee

Administrative support for the Student Life Centre.

Fee Amount: $6.20

Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services’ interdisciplinary team provides a range of individual and group programs and services including medical care, mental health care, accessibility services, and health promotion activities. The funds are allocated towards salaries, benefits, supplies, equipment, professional development, and programming. For more information about all of their programs and services please visit

Fee Amount: $67.05

Telephone Aid Line Kingston

A confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental listening support service. Their volunteers provide distress, crisis, befriending, and information support. Volunteers do not give advice but provide support and a safe place to talk. 

Fee Amount: $0.75


Walkhome is a student-run, completely anonymous and confidential safety service that provides safe walks to students both on campus and within the Kingston community.

Fee Amount: $17.66

Walkhome – Admin. Fee

Administrative support for Walkhome.

Fee Amount: $4.77

Work Bursary Program

Provides eligible students demonstrating financial need with the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time positions during their studies.

Fee Amount: $6.14

World University Services of Canada

Provides funding to sponsor refugee students to attend Queen’s University via the World University Services Canada Student Refugee Support Program.

Fee Amount: $1.95

Total: $110.10

ASUS Equity Grants

Administered by the AMS - Social Issues Commission to support equity work done on-campus to be used for initiatives, conferences, projects, and resources. Available to AMS members or AMS ratified clubs that want to make an equitable difference and benefit our campus.

Fee Amount: $2.00

ASUS Orientation Fundraising Fee

The ASUS Orientation Fundraising Fee strives to finance all Arts and Science Orientation events that contribute to the ASUS Orientation fundraising campaign. ASUS Orientation Week facilitates a variety of events centred around community engagement and charitable contributions, while enhancing the Orientation experience for incoming Arts and Science students.

Events include the Sidewalk Sale and the Mudmoiselle: Queen’s Edition. At the Sidewalk sale, all Queen’s students can engage with the Kingston community and get to know local businesses and campus initiatives, all while supporting the Orientation Week fundraising campaign. With events like the Mudmoiselle: Queen’s Edition, students can participate in a Mud Run to raise awareness for the Orientation fundraising campaign.

Throughout ASUS Orientation Week students are able to have a memorable introduction to the Queen’s and Kingston communities, while supporting a good cause! This fee will continue to support the highly successful fundraising efforts of ASUS Orientation.

Fee Amount: $0.75

Camp Outlook

Created in 1970 by a Queen's medical student, Camp Outlook is an independent, local, volunteer run, charitable camp for disadvantaged youth from in and around Kingston. Their mission is to provide young people a chance to develop their sense of self-worth, inner strength, and capacity to succeed. They provide wilderness canoe trips in the summer, and day and overnight outdoors activities during the school year. Campers are referred to them by schools, social agencies, and other professionals. Activities are free for their campers and volunteers. 

They use their opt-out fee to help cover training and certifying volunteers. There is no experience necessary for their volunteer trip leaders; they provide all the training and certifications necessary to lead safe and fun trips! They hire volunteers for their fall/winter program in September, and for their summer program in January/February. Check out for more information and to see how to get involved!

Fee Amount: $1.00

Canadian Association in Research in Regenerative Medicine at Queen's

A chapter of the Canadian Association for Research in regenerative Medicine, a non-profit organization that seeks to advance regenerative medicine. Raises money and awareness for research in reaching the future of modern healthcare..

Fee Amount: $0.50

Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare

The mission of CUCOH is to develop a conference that informs undergraduate students of the current state of Canadian healthcare and engages them in discussions with other students and professionals to develop leadership, inspiration, and an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare in Canada. The objectives are to present a cohesive overview of the current state of Canadian healthcare and explore specific areas of future change, increase the exchange of knowledge between professionals and students from across Canada through discussion and debate, encourage student research in the sciences through a poster competition, present a broad perspective of the Canadian medical sector by introducing a range of topics that highlights the diversity of health-related professions, and initiate a well-informed and proactive generation of leaders by providing early involvement in diverse health-related professions that will shape the future of Canadian healthcare.

Fee Amount: $0.30

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Provides resources, programming, professional teaching development opportunities for all aspects of teaching, curriculum development for all members of the teaching community at Queen’s, including students serving as Teaching Assistants.

Fee Amount: $2.00

CFRC 101.9 FM

CFRC 101.9 FM at Queen's University is the world’s longest running campus radio station. CFRC is a non-profit, student and community volunteer-powered media outlet offering diverse music and spoken word content. Student fees support operational costs including broadcast and podcast training, recording and pod/broadcast of student-focused content, maintenance and repair of equipment, and translatable job skills training for students in media, communications, research, journalism, marketing, event planning, audio production, and more.  They also offer free public service announcement service for student groups and non-profits seeking to raise awareness about events, deadlines, and services! 

Visit their website at and drop by to visit your campus radio station in Lower Carruthers Hall! Learn more about podcasting by visiting! 

Fee Amount: $8.22

Dawn House Women’s Shelter

Dawn House provides women experiencing homelessness with a place they can call home that is non-judgmental where they are treated with empathy, dignity, and respect. By bringing women together, Dawn House strives to build a strong community through peer support, social events, common spaces within the building, leadership opportunities and resident engagement in activities such as gardening and a community kitchen. Additionally, Dawn House provides individualized client-driven wellness based on-site supports and programming and assists women with basic necessities including food, clothing, and personal hygiene products. Dawn House provides work placement and leadership opportunities for Queen’s students enrolled in various disciplines, and participates in studies and research projects tackling socio-economic issues, homelessness, mental health and addiction. For female students who may be facing eviction or homelessness, Dawn House is able to provide advocacy, support, and in certain crisis situations, short-term emergency shelter.

Fee Amount: $0.85

Enactus Queen’s

Through financial literacy, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurial, personal, and professional development, Enactus strives to improve the lives of individuals in the Kingston community, as well as on a national and global scale.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Exercise is Medicine Canada @ Queen’s

Exercise is Medicine Queen's aims to promote physical activity as a means of prevention and treatment of illness and disease by providing information and resources on the health benefits of physical activity to students, community members, and health care providers and by hosting healthy active living events throughout the year.

Fee Amount: $0.25

First Aid Queen’s

On-call and event based service providing prompt response that is both confidential and free of charge. The service is available 24/7 during the regular academic year, excluding Thanksgiving weekend, Reading Weeks and exam periods.

Fee Amount: $3.75

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

In keeping with the teachings of the Four Directions, the Centre supports the well-being of the Indigenous Community at Queen’s as well as Indigenous students in balancing their academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Freedom from Violence Queen's

Freedom from Violence is a club that focuses on raising awareness and advocating for the end of violence against children, youth, seniors, and adults.

Fee Amount: $0.15

FreshSight Queen’s

FreshSight Queen’s provides pro-bono consulting services to local charities and national non-profit organizations. They provide students an opportunity to develop their professional skill set in a rewarding environment.  

Fee Amount: $0.55

Friday Friends

An informal group mentorship program that seeks to facilitate the social and personal development of young adults with intellectual disabilities through a variety of social activities with Queen’s students.

Fee Amount: $0.40

Friends of MSF Queen’s

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF or Doctors without Borders) is an international humanitarian organization that provides rapid emergency medical relief to areas with little or no medical infrastructure, operating independently from political, economic, and religious influences. Friends of MSF provides students with the opportunity to engage with global health issues by raising awareness and support for this lifesaving work. Initiatives include Queen’s Global Health Summit, Queen’s Walk without Borders, charity concerts, and speaker series. They provide their members with information about the nature of national and overseas volunteer work in hopes that they will consider volunteering. MSF’s missions are accomplished through the combined efforts of professionals from a wide range of fields, medical and otherwise. As such, Friends of MSF: Queen’s Chapter strives to recruit members from all faculties.

For more information, please contact them at

Fee Amount: $0.25

Gender Affirming Assistance Project

A community-based group that provides support and resources for Two-spirit, trans, non-binary and gender diverse community members with the goal of reducing financial barriers when transitioning or accessing gender affirming care.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Get REAL Queen’s

A chapter of a youth-focused non-profit organization that energizes LGBTQ+ students and their allies to voice their stories. Aims to break down prejudice, promote unity, and foster compassion through workshops and safe space events.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Good Times Diner

Good Times Diner is a student-run soup kitchen that provides a volunteer experience for Queen’s students to help serve meals to low-income individuals in the Kingston community.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Helen Tufts Child Outreach Program

All-volunteer program for elementary school children from under-resourced families in Kingston’s north end who meet one-on-one with Queen’s University students for tutoring in a relaxed, fun environment. 

Fee Amount: $0.60

HIV and AIDS Regional Services

Since 1988, HIV/AIDS Regional Services (HARS) has provided comprehensive services including education, prevention, and support for people living with, at risk of, or affected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections. They approach their work from a sex-positive, intersectional, anti-racism/anti-oppression, and harm reduction framework as they advocate for broader social change to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Their office features a drop-in space, where they offer food programs, practical supports as well as referrals to other services in the community. HARS’ Harm Reduction program distributes free harm reduction supplies including Naloxone and condoms. In addition, their multi-use space can be booked by community groups. They provide opportunities for students to do placements or conduct community based research. As well, Queens students, staff, and faculty volunteer in various capacities, including serving on their Board of Directors.

For more information, visit or Follow/Like us @HARS Kingston. 

Fee Amount: $0.75

Jack.Org is Canada's only charity training and empowering young people to revolutionize mental health. Through Jack Talks, Jack Chapters, and Jack Summits young leaders identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health.

Fee Amount: $0.30

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF) mission is to support and develop Canada’s national cinema. Only 3% of the national box office is spent on Canadian content, however, these films are telling important stories of Canadians living coast-to-coast-to-coast. For that conversation to flourish, Canadian audiences need access to Canadian films.

Founded in 2001 by a Queen’s student, KCFF has grown to become the globe’s largest all-Canadian film and media festival and the student demographic plays a pertinent role in its success. Students can: create through dedicated showcase opportunities for student films and projects, learn as the Fest offers a number of workshops, panels, Q&A’s, and networking events with industry leaders, engage through paid work-study, internships, or volunteer opportunities that execute the KCFF, and attend films, special events, etc. ranging from free to low cost for students. The festival takes place every March in downtown Kingston. Visit to learn more!

Fee Amount: $0.50

Kingston Gets Active Ambassadors Club

An AMS ratified club that works to support Kingston Gets Active by recruiting ambassadors and organizing events at Queen's and in the community. Fee used to increase community events and provide more equitable access to physical activity opportunities.

Fee Amount: $0.25

Levana Gender Advocacy Centre

LGAC is an organization that supports the Kingston community through advocating for gender empowerment. Funding goes to programming, workshops, and grants we provide students and local organizations for equity initiatives.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Loving Spoonful

The fee to Loving Spoonful supports the pick-up of surplus, fresh food from Queen’s campus restaurants. This reduces food waste and greenhouse gas emissions and provides the healthy food for 12,000 meals to 50 agencies in Kingston serving those who need good food. They support Soul Food during exams, reading weeks, and breaks. It’s a huge benefit to the community and a cost-effective program. Loving Spoonful also runs school garden programs at 21 elementary schools across the Kingston Region and leads Community Kitchens workshops connecting people with good food and other programming to advance the community. 

They love volunteers and can't operate without them. So whether you want to do a paper for a class on food security, attend a Community Kitchen program, help in elementary school gardens or deliver fresh food, check out their website:  

Fee Amount: $0.90

Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC)

A student group dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness and reducing the stigma that has become ingrained in the discussion of mental health, primarily through contact-based education, information, and resources.

Fee Amount: $0.20

Muse Magazine

MUSE Magazine is the digital and print creative platform for Queen's students. MUSE strives to form a bridge between the inspiring and the aspiring, publishing thought-provoking articles and pushing boundaries with editorials. You can find them engaging with the Queen's community on Instagram (@musexqueens) or publishing daily on their website (

Twice annually, MUSE publishes a magazine free of charge, handed out at major locations on campus. Throughout the year, MUSE strives to connect like-minded individuals and foster a creative community through various events, contests, submission calls, and panels. 

Fee Amount: $0.50

Mutual Aid Alliance Fund

The Mutual Aid alliance is an organization established to create an emergency bursary that is open to all Queen's students. COVID-19 and cuts to OSAP have demonstrated new needs from our community, and this fund will help support students and meet those needs.

Fee Amount: $2.00

NeuGeneration Conference on Neuroscience

NeuGeneration is a two-day conference held on campus, that is organized by a group of undergraduate students who share a common interest in neuroscience. Every year, the multi-faceted field attracts a diverse group of delegates from Queen’s and other Canadian universities, that join together for a weekend of thought-provoking talks, interactive workshops, and challenging case-competitions. As an organization we strive to provide delegates with an experience that leaves them with new ideas, questions to ponder, new relationships made with individuals in the field, and most importantly unique memories and inspiration to continue learning. 

Fee Amount: $0.35


The Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston at Queen’s University (OPIRG) is Queen’s campus-based centre of community-based research, education, and action supporting social and environmental justice. 

Fee Amount: $3.00


Oxfam is a social rights club that is part of the larger Oxfam international organization. They focus on raising awareness and money around important local and global issues that increase equality and reduce poverty. By holding fundraisers such as Oxjam and the Hunger Banquet, they focus on these important social issues to make a difference in the lives of those who are not given the same rights and responsibilities. The fee goes towards holding fundraisers and events to contribute to the Kingston and international community.

Fee Amount: Deferred

Project Red

Project Red works to make heart health fashionable through an annual fashion show run and many other events while raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We educate students on heart disease and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fee Amount: $1.00


QUCraft hosts the Queen’s Minecraft campus recreation project and survival server. One of the largest of this kind in Canada. Students from various years collaborate to help the ongoing build of the campus so students can visit their beloved university from the comfort of their computer.

Fee Amount: $0.10

Queen’s Aero Design Team

The Queen’s Aero Design Team (QADT) is the foremost resource for Queen’s University students seeking to learn about unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design, construction, and operation. 

Composed of engineering students from a wide range of disciplines and years of experience, the team is grouped into five major divisions: Aerodynamics, Structural, Software, Communications, and Electronics. Through mentorship, dedicated projects, and independent learning within each division, members develop the technical and soft skills necessary for a career in engineering. For competition each year the team designs and builds a novel system composed of a fixed-wing (plane), a drone, and a ground station. The team competes in a Pan-Canadian Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition giving students operational experience with UAV technology in a task-based scenario. The mission is to provide unique opportunities for students to learn, explore, and experience all aspects of aircraft design and construction in a team environment while developing innovative designs. 

For more information, please or email us at

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s American Sign Language Club

Queen's American Sign Language (QASL) offers students a free and engaging environment to learn sign language. Working extensively to create a more inclusive and accessible environment to continue bridging the gap between the deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and the hearing community.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Applied Biotechnology Club

Students passionate about the advancement of biotechnology in several sub-fields. We create new methods and technologies as well as reproduce previously established technologies and experiments, all with the intention to provide opportunities to learn as well as push the field.

Fee Amount: $0.15

QMIND - Queen’s Artificial Intelligence Hub

QMIND gives over 100 students experience in machine learning through design projects with companies and through research, while providing career opportunities. We strive to create learning opportunities for anyone interested in this space.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Asian Students' Association

As the oldest cultural club on campus, Queen’s Asian Students’ Association provides a safe and welcoming community while promoting inclusivity and diversity for the Queen’s community, breaking the stigma surrounding Asian culture, and promoting discussion of racial injustice.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC)

QBACC is a student-run environmental activism/advocacy group that seeks to respond to the seriousness of climate change and other prominent environmental issues. Fees used to attend conferences and run campaigns.

Fee Amount: $1.50

Queen’s Baja SAE Design Team

The Queen’s Baja SAE Design Team is a group of undergraduates from all backgrounds who design, build, and race an off-road racing vehicle from the ground up to compete in the North American Baja SAE Series.

Fee Amount: $0.69

Queen’s Bands

Representing Queen’s since 1905, the oldest student marching band in Canada, performing at football, volleyball, and hockey games and at alumni events and parades. Funding used for equipment, uniform maintenance, and travel costs to events. 

Fee Amount: $4.15

Queen’s Best Buddies

A campus affiliate of best Buddies Canada, which aims to facilitate friendships by pairing people with intellectual / developmental disabilities from the Kingston community with Queen's students.

Fee Amount: $0.25

Queen's Black Premedical Association

Encourages and supports premedical students on their journey to becoming medical professionals and healthcare practitioners. Aids black students — as well as other students from underrepresented communities — through resources and mentorship.

Fee Amount: $0.05

Queen’s Blood Team

The Queen’s University Blood Team works with Canadian Blood Services to raise awareness about blood donation on and off campus, and to facilitate monthly clinics. QUBT also holds Stem Cell Registry events, as well as works with Transplant Advocate Association to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation.

Fee Amount: $0.25

Queen’s Bridge Building Team

The Queen’s Bridge Building Team (QBBT) is a multi-disciplinary engineering design team consisting of sub-teams that design and construct innovative bridges solely from popsicle sticks, white glue, and dental floss.

Fee Amount: $0.35

Queen’s Chapter West Africa AIDS Foundation

QWAAF aims to raise funds and awareness to support the West Africa AIDS Foundation (WAAF). They work to provide better opportunities to those in Ghana who are underprivileged with regards to receiving basic healthcare and education.

Fee Amount: $0.40

Queen’s CODE

Queen’s CODE fundraises to promote the Canadian Organization for Development through Education’s good works in developing countries with the goal of promoting every child’s right to read. The fee will fund speaker fees, marketing, community outreach, and generally improve event quality.

Fee Amount: $0.15

Queen’s Concrete Canoe Team

The concrete canoe team is a student run engineering design team who designs develops and constructs a canoe made entirely of concrete and completes in the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition with universities internationally.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Concrete Toboggan Team

The Queen’s Concrete Toboggan Team works throughout the year to design and construct a toboggan, which is then taken to compete in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race.  

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Conference on Education

Queen’s Conference on Education (QCE) is a not-for-profit conference open to all undergraduates and faculties. The conference is tailored for anyone who is interested in expanding and enriching their educational viewpoints.

Fee Amount: $0.75

Queen's Correctional Service Volunteers

Queen's Correctional Service Volunteers connect interested Queen's students with volunteer opportunities in Correctional Services Canada. They work on federal offender rehabilitation and reintegration in four Kingston penitentiaries. 

Fee Amount: $0.20

Queen's Debating Union

Established in 1841, the QDU is the oldest student organization on campus, and one of the oldest in North America. The QDU represents Queen's at National, North American, and World Championships. 

Fee Amount: $1.40

Queen’s EngiQueers

Queen's EngiQueers runs events and initiatives to cultivate a positive, accepting, inclusive, and accessible environment for queer-identified students and their allies in engineering.

Fee Amount: $0.05

Queen’s Entrepreneurs' Competition (QEC)

QEC, operating since the late 1980's, dedicated to organizing a competition, attended by undergraduates around the globe. Pitching their business plans to top Canadian business leaders for over $80,000 in prizes.

Fee Amount: $0.50

A campus community resource featuring upcoming arts, academic, and social events at Queen's through Funding goes toward marketing, website development and training.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Female Leadership in Politics Conference

Queen's Female Leadership in Politics (QFLIP) is the premier Canadian undergraduate conference working towards the intersectional empowerment of women in the political realm. Our mandate is to motivate female leadership in politics by providing young women with the necessary skills, tools, and connections to succeed. Our annual conference is a three-day event where over 150 students from across Canada participate to engage with our inspiring speakers, skill-building workshops, and meaningful networking opportunities.

To learn more, visit

Fee Amount: $0.25

Queen's Formula SAE Design and Race Team

This group of motivated students design, build, and race an open wheeled, formula-style race car each year. Once completed, they attend several international events to compete against other universities in various technical evaluations.

Fee Amount: $0.69

Queen’s Genetically Engineered Machine Team

Queen’s Genetically Engineered Machine (QGEM) is the Queen’s University chapter of International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM). They are an interdisciplinary design team that uses innovations in engineering, genetics, and biochemistry to tackle a highly relevant research question. They plan and execute a cutting-edge project each summer, providing employment opportunities for students from all programs and giving students a unique platform to develop their problem solving, teamwork, leadership, and laboratory skills. Each fall, they represent Canada and Queen’s University at the iGEM giant jamboree competition held in Boston, MA. They have a long history of success, having won consecutive gold medals and fostered start-up companies. They serve to inspire fellow students to use synthetic biology as a tool to push academic limits and explore synthetic biology in a safe and mentored environment.

For more information, visit:, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@iGEMQueens). 

Fee Amount: $0.69

Queen’s HanVoice

From three law students concerned about the lack of Canadian response to the human rights crisis in North Korea, HanVoice Support Association was born in 2007. More than a decade later, with seven university chapters and hundreds of passionate student advocates across Canada, more than ever, youth engagement, empowerment, and capacity-building remains a high priority for HanVoice. Today, HanVoice is Canada's largest and leading non-profit for North Korean human rights and refugees. The future of HanVoice lies in its youth, and thus, the planning of its future must be centered around engaging, empowering, and equipping youth to carry the cause forward.

The mission at Queen’s University is to mobilize empowered Canadians to affect change in the lives of North Koreans. They support on-the-ground information dissemination initiatives in North Korea, and work with leading politicians and policy experts to advance the North Korean human rights cause.

Fee Amount: $0.25

Queen’s Health Outreach

A student-run non-profit dedicated to engaging youth in needs-based, peer-to-peer discussions by collaboration with community partners, and empowering youth to lead health lives. Fees contribute to travel, living and teaching expenses.

Fee Amount: Deferred

Queen’s Healthcare and Business Conference

The first student-run conference in Canada to explore the dynamic relationship between business and healthcare. They want to help shape the future of healthcare by creating a space for passion to shine and collaboration to flourish.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Healthcare and Human Rights Conference

A student-led conference that bridges the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by providing a forum for academics, community members, and students to address and discuss global challenges at the intersection of health care and human rights.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Queen’s Helping Haiti

Queen’s Helping Haiti (QHH) was established to support the Kingston-based charity, Helping Haiti. Helping Haiti strives to bring peace and sustainable programs to one of the most impoverished and conflict ridden areas in the world: Cité Soleil Haiti. As a support branch, QHH runs events on Queen’s University campus to raise awareness about Cite Soleil and raises funds to assist in Helping Haiti’s mission abroad.

If you would like to stay updated on both Helping Haiti and QHH’s progress, follow them on their Facebook pages at and

Fee Amount: $0.60

Queen’s International Affairs Association

The Queen’s International Affairs Association is one of the largest and oldest clubs at Queen’s (circa 1907). They run a number of initiatives in order to provide students with unique experiences in international affairs.

Fee Amount: $1.95

Queen’s Leaders Engaging in Change

QLEC strives to inspire delegates with a memorable conference weekend comprised of stimulating speakers, workshops and activities. Delegates explore ways to lead positive change by bridging the gap between ideas and community action.

Fee Amount: $0.30

Queen’s Love146

A chapter of Love146, an international charity working to end child trafficking through survivor care, education, and empowerment. We raise awareness of exploitation and fundraise to aid in prevention and rehabilitation.

Fee Amount: $0.05

Queen's Lyme Disease Coalition, Madoc's Chapter

Raising money and awareness for the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.

Fee Amount: $0.10

Queen’s Medical Brigades

A chapter of Global Medical Brigades, an international movement of students and medical professionals working to implement sustainable health systems in rural and under-resourced communities in Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, and Ghana.

Fee Amount: $0.15

Queen’s Medical Review

A student-run publication from within the School of Medicine, sharing news, research projects, medical electives, debates on healthcare issues, discussions on medicine and culture, and creative submissions. Fee supports overall operations.

Fee Amount: $0.65

Queen’s Musical Theatre

With origins dating to 1883 and the original Queen's Glee Club, QMT has been putting on professional-quality musicals since 1969. They provide Queen's students with positive learning experiences as they provide full-length musicals.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen’s Project on International Development (QPID)

QPID is a student-run organization focused on raising development awareness and getting people to think critically about global development issues. Their internships and local events strive to engage in both informed and sustainable action.

Fee Amount: $2.50

Queen's Protecting Animal Welfare Society

Queen’s Protecting Animal Welfare Society (QPAWS) is student-run and aims to raise funds and awareness for animals in need in the Kingston community and to draw attention to the hardships animals face while in shelters and what can be done to help them.

Fee Amount: $0.15

Queen's Robogals

A student-run volunteer organization that encourages young women to pursue higher education in engineering and technology-related studies by running free, educational workshops for students in elementary and high schools.

Fee Amount: $0.25

Queen's Rocket Engineering Team

QRET is a student design team manufacturing high-speed aircraft along with aerospace industry education. The team's goal is to build a sounding rocket every year which will compete at international competitions..

Fee Amount: $0.69

Queen's University Scientista

A chapter of the Scientista Foundation that empowers pre-professional women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine). Hosts on-campus events with industry professionals, career workshops, and networking events.

Fee Amount: $0.40

Queen's Soul Food

A student-run organization which delivers unconsumed food from Queen's University campus cafeterias to three local Kingston shelters every night.

Fee Amount: $0.10

Queen’s Space Conference

Queen’s Space Conference (QSC) is the largest student-run space conference in Canada with over 100 delegates attending annually from Queen’s University and other post-secondary institutions from across Ontario. QSC engages students in downtown Kingston with a weekend full of a wide variety of international space-themed speakers across both industry and academia.

QSC allows students to engage in the rapidly growing space industry with a case competition on a challenging problem facing the space industry today and an events workshop where students can showcase their space related projects and research. QSC attracts highly accomplished speakers such as former astronauts, industry-leading CEO’s and NASA managers. QSC also attracts companies looking to hire top talent from the wealth of delegates that attend the conference.

More information on QSC can be found at

Fee Amount: $0.35

Queen's Space Engineering Team

QSET is a group of students who share the desire to explore and compete in the world of space, science, and technology. No experience is required to join. The goal is to provide an environment where students can develop industry transferable skills through hands-on experience.

Fee Amount: $0.70

Queen’s Squirrel Watching Club

The Queen’s Squirrel Watching Club, founded in 2018, seeks to improve the local environment in which squirrels reside, raise awareness regarding our woodland friends, and join together like-minded individuals with a passion for squirrels.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen's Students 4 Special Olympics

In partnership with Special Olympics Ontario, S4SO provides soccer and basketball programming for youth with intellectual disabilities in Kingston and the surrounding area facilitated by Queen's students..

Fee Amount: $0.50

Queen's Students for Literacy

Queen’s Students for Literacy runs three different programs that help different groups in the community build their literacy skills and foster a love of reading and writing: Literacy Outreach, Prison Literacy Initiative, and Read for Fun.

Fee Amount: $0.75

Queen's Students for Systemic Change

QSSC is a group of students from all faculties who are passionate about development. They are dedicated to overcoming global inequalities and also building awareness of the opportunities we must reduce poverty.

Fee Amount: $1.25

Queen's Television

Queen’s Television, or QUTV, is a student run news-network providing an inclusive platform through news broadcasts, providing students with the opportunity to participate in video production, learn and gain real experience in journalism, marketing, events, finances, and graphic design.

Fee Amount: $0.75

Queen's Undergraduate Women and Law Club

QUWAL aims to bring women together by providing resources and support for undergraduates who want to pursue careers in law.

Fee Amount: $0.10

Queen's VEX U Robotics Team

A diverse group of Queen’s students who compete in the VEX U Robotics Competition, an interdisciplinary robotics-based international challenge that requires students to design, build, and program multiple robots for various challenges.

Fee Amount: $0.69


QWave is Queen’s premier music production club fostering a community focused on collaboration, education, and promotion, allowing producers, both amateur and experienced, to grow their skill and continuously become better.

Fee Amount: $0.69

Queen’s Women in Leadership

Hosts an annual four-day conference bringing students, businesses, and speakers together to build connections, learn about and discuss women’s issues, and empower a new generation of female leaders.

Fee Amount: $1.50

Reelout Arts Project

The funds go towards fees associated with travel, presentation, or artist/screening fees for artists/curators/guest lecturers that engage with the Queen's and larger community during the annual Reelout Queer Film Festival. Invited guest presenters focus on issues of sexuality and gender and the intersections existing within, particularly race, culture, age, religion, health, and ability.

Fee Amount: $1.50

Scinapse Queen's

The Queen's branch of the Ontario Scinapse Undergraduate Science Case Competition allows undergraduate students to apply case-based learning to a challenging, educational, and fun research-oriented problem.

Fee Amount: $0.15

Step Above Stigma

Founded at Queen's University, with over 100 volunteers working towards a fundraising goal of $1,000,000 to facilitate systemic change within the Canadian mental health care system. Our mission is to de-stigmatize.

Fee Amount: $0.30

Sustainability Action Fund

The SAF is a grant fund that awards money to groups looking to either run new sustainability themed projects on campus or to improve their existing operations. Any individual, club, organization, or service is eligible to apply.

Fee Amount: $2.00

SWAM Kingston

S.W.A.M. is a non-profit organization that provides affordable one-to-one swimming lessons for children with special needs in the Kingston community. Lessons are provided in the ARC pool and are taught by amazing student volunteers.

Fee Amount: $0.10

Tea Room

A student-run, carbon neutral, zero consumer waste café established in 2006 and guided by the principles of fiscal sustainability, environmental responsibility, and community education.

Fee Amount: $0.75


Entering its 10th year, TEDxQueensU is a student-organized conference that aims to unite great thinkers in the Queen's and Kingston communities. They organize events under the banner of “Ideas Worth Spreading” to educate delegates and spark meaningful conversations on and off campus.

Their one-day event features speakers from a variety of disciplines (past years have included business journalist Amanda Lang and MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi). The event also includes an innovation lab with interactive booths and presenters to fully integrate delegates into the experience. 

You can also access the TEDxQueensU platform at their fall term events, the first one being their open mic night held in September! 
Curious? If you want to get involved or just want to know more, please reach out to!
Follow TEDxQueensU on Instagram at @tedxqueens or like TEDxQueensU on Facebook at @TEDxQueensU to get the latest updates throughout the year.  

Fee Amount: $0.75

Tricolour Yearbook & Studio Q

Student-run creative agency producing high-quality video, graphics, photography, and design services. Paying the fee entitles one to receive the yearly Tricolour Yearbook, available for pickup on campus or shipped to your location.

Fee Amount: $28.24


Trips by Transit is a non-profit that leads weekly and free outdoors trips for Queen’s students to explore the local community, all accessible by public transit. They help students connect with nature and have fun outside.

Fee Amount: Deferred

UNICEF Queen’s

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund is a global, non-profit organization that aims to build a world where the rights of every child are realized. This fee contributes to advocacy efforts at Queens and funding global initiatives.

Fee Amount: $0.75

Union Gallery

The Union Gallery, in operation since 1994, has a unique place within university and the City of Kingston. It is a professionally staffed, student-driven organization committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of contemporary interdisciplinary art, to supporting excellence in the arts, and to creating a space for experiential learning, professional skills development, and research opportunities for students.

The gallery has three presentation spaces, the main gallery, the project space, and the vitrine project space (which provides opportunities for curated projects by students). They extend their reach into the Kingston community collaborating with organizations to create opportunities for students.  

Students are encouraged to visit exhibits, serve on the board and subcommittees, attend fundraising events, volunteer as gallery attendants, curate and submit work for exhibitions. The gallery is also used by student groups for events.

Visit their website for more information and find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Fee Amount: $4.00

Women in International Security Queen's

Women in International Security Queen’s (WIIS- Queen’s) is a chapter of WIIS-Canada an organization advancing women’s leadership in the field of international peace and security through research excellence, professional development, mentorship, and networking.

Fee Amount: $0.75

Optional with proof of existing coverage.

Find more information on primary and supplementary health insurance.

Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $34.30
Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) Membership Fee

The Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) is the largest faculty society representing and advocating for nearly 13,000 undergraduate students. They seek to offer opportunities that span beyond the depth and breadth offered in the classroom. From academics to professional development, ASUS provides thousands of volunteer and employment opportunities that support students in becoming engaged citizens and leaders of the future, and also provides financial aid, bursaries, and scholarships for those in need.

Further, ASUS oversees ArtSci Orientation, ASUS Camps, and also comprises 7 commissions and offices: Academics, Community Outreach, Equity, Services, Governance, Marketing, and Human Resources.

The ASUS Membership fee allows participating members access to ASUS student jobs, volunteer positions, conferences, Department Student Councils (DSC), ASUS financial aid and the ability to vote and run in ASUS elections.

For more information on everything ASUS has to offer please visit

Fee Amount: $31.55

Arts and Science Undergraduate Orientation Fee

Fee designed to help reduce the cost of the Orientation Week fee to first year students.

Fee Amount: $2.75

Optional Fees

Total: $3.75
Arts & Science Undergraduate Research Fund (ASURF)

Established in 2017, the Arts and Science Research Fund (ASURF) was implemented to foster community amongst undergraduate scholars and promote a greater investment in undergraduate research. The Faculty of Arts and Science has pledged to match all of the funds raised by this optional fee. Since its establishment, many thousands of dollars have assisted numerous undergraduate student researchers in their efforts to fulfill their unique research projects.

Through this partnership between ASUS and the Faculty of Arts and Science, ASURF will assist in funding research projects at the undergraduate level. This fund is open to undergraduate research of all kinds and no project is too small or too large. This fund will support research in all ways from necessary materials for an experiment to travel expenses to poster printing fees — the goal is to make pursuing one’s passions in research accessible to all students.

Fee Amount: $3.75

Concurrent Education Student Association (CESA)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $30.00
Concurrent Education Student Association (CESA)

CESA student fees help cover Con-Ed events (camp, socials, formal, year events), Athletics/Sustainability/Equity-based events, Community/Alumni outreach, Bader College events, workshops, academic support, marketing, bursaries, and administrative fees.

Fee Amount: $30

Computing Students Association (COMPSA)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $1.13
COMPSA Mandatory Fee

This fee supports the tutorials organized for midterms and exams in computing classes. It provides academic support to students for exams and midterms with a focus on those that do not have review sessions as part of the course.

Fee Amount: $1.13

Optional Fees

Total: $13.87
COMPSA Membership Fee

This fee allows COMPSA to enrich the computing student experience through events such as formal, Financial Aid Events, and marketing potential professional opportunities and aid in the development of projects such as our Mentorship Program.

Fee Amount: $13.87

Commerce Society (COMSOC)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $55
Commerce Society Operating Fee

This fee is a mandatory fee charged to all Commerce students to fund internal ComSoc operations, in addition to contributing to the ComSoc student bursary.

Fee Amount: $55

Optional Fees

Total: $15
Commerce Outreach Fund

The Outreach Fund is intended to be utilized by the Commerce Society for philanthropic and community outreach purposes, encouraging Commerce students to give back to the Kingston community.

Fee Amount: $10

Student Venture Fund Fee

The Student Venture Fund finances student led projects that aim to better the Commerce student experience. The SVF contributes to projects that cannot be funded through donation, or where the financial burden would be unfairly placed on a small group of students.

Fee Amount: $5

Engineering Society (ENGSOC)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $86.28
Queen’s Engineering Society (EngSoc) Fee

This fee funds the operations of the Queen’s Engineering Society, including our services, corporate initiatives, student support, and governance.

Fee Amount: $86.28

Optional Fees

Total: $60.00
Better Equipment Donation Fund (BED)

This is a donation to a fund managed by the Engineering Society to make purchases outside the scope of the faculty that enhances the education of Engineering students.

Fee Amount: $60.00 (in $15.00 increments)

Health Sciences Society (HSS)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $10
HSS Membership Fee

Fee Amount: $10

Optional Fees

Total: $3
HSS Initiative Bursary Fee

Fee Amount: $3

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $140
MBA (Full-Time)

The Student Executive Council (SEC) represents the students in the full-time MBA program. The SEC is responsible for running student initiatives that enhance the student experience and promote networking outside of the classroom. Activities include: Culture Night, Spring Formal, boat cruises (in and out of Kingston), bowling, golf, etc. The SEC supports participation in intramural sports year-round, such as softball, soccer, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee.

This fee also supports the various industry-focused clubs in the MBA program; these clubs allow MBA students to learn about new industries and pursue their career objectives. The SEC can provide the clubs with support for speakers, food, and transportation to events.

Fee Amount: $140.00

Nursing Science Society (NSS)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $61.75
NSS Appreciation

Allows for a token of appreciation to be awarded to NSS assembly members and thank them for their contributions to the society during their term.

Fee Amount: $1.00

NSS Assembly Meetings

Open attendance and informative approaches to bi-weekly assemblies is promoted through space rentals, food, and appreciation to guest speakers. All students are welcome to attend and learn about positions and opportunities.

Fee Amount: $0.70

NSS Athletics

An annual dodgeball tournament between the three schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences – Nursing, Medicine and Rehabilitation. The event is by donation, and money raised goes to support a local charity in the Kingston community.

Fee Amount: $1.00

NSS Class Councils

Class councils run events to increase and strengthen rapport within the year and between different years. The fee allows for events, fundraisers, treats, and more to be done to support the class and contribute to graduation fees.

Fee Amount: $4.67

NSS CNSA Membership

Membership with access to CNSA scholarships, grants, national and local conferences, and opportunities for professional development and networking. Organization actively dedicated to positive promotion of nurses and the nursing profession

Fee Amount: $10.00

NSS Financial Stability Fee

Supports the ongoing functions, stability and viability of the society and their oversight of Orientation week, conferences, events, opportunities, and national and local advocacy, amongst many other things.

Fee Amount: $2.23

NSS Graduation Fee

For the pinning ceremony, a longstanding tradition for nursing students, which runs in conjunction with convocation. Pinning committee uses the funding for the venue, decorations, graduation gifts and tickets, alongside fundraising.

Fee Amount: $24.78

NSS Health and Wellness Portfolio

To provide resources to help inform students about health and wellness in relation to nursing, and provide opportunities to practice those skills. Events, such as zumba and yoga, are run throughout the year alongside other initiatives.

Fee Amount: $1.45

NSS Health Training & Workshops

Health and Wellness training workshops and wellness related events. Events and resources may include exam de-stressors, mental health training, OSCE workshops, and speaker series.

Fee Amount: $1.45

NSS Interns 

Allows for the NSS interns to develop or integrate a project, initiative, or resource into the nursing community and highlight nursing students. Previous projects included a media project and redesigning the nursing student lounge.

Fee Amount: $1.12

NSS Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is under the Event commissioner's profile and provides incoming students with an opportunity to be paired with an upper-year student or “buddy” throughout the year for social, academic, or personal support.

Fee Amount: $1.45

NSS National Nursing Student Week

NNSW is an annual, week-long event to showcase the contributions of nursing students to their practice settings and celebrate their accomplishments in nursing. Throughout the week, giveaways, prizes, and events are hosted for students.

Fee Amount: $0.56

NSS Nursing Student General Bursary

NSS financial aid available for nursing students who apply in order to participate in nursing related events or Orientation week. The NSS general bursary is available to all undergraduate nursing students.

Fee Amount: $1.60

NSS Office

Maintenance and upkeep of the NSS Lounge and office, including coffee and tea for students, replacement of damaged items, snacks, utensils, and school supplies for the use of students.

Fee Amount: $0.34

NSS Orientation Week

Orientation week is a week for students to familiarize themselves with nursing and Queen’s University. During the week, the NSS hosts a meet-and-greet and lunch on 'Beach Day' to orient incoming students to services and opportunities.

Fee Amount: $2.40

NSS Professional Development

Academics and professional development commissioner's portfolio is to provide workshops, skill building, networking opportunities for students to expand their professional skill set and discover career opportunities.

Fee Amount: $1.45

NSS Student Initiative Fund

The NSS Student Initiative Fund is funding for nursing students who may need financial aid or who submit a proposal for an initiative that benefits nursing students. This fund supports student projects, ideas, events, or collaborations

Fee Amount: $2.23

NSS Study Buddies Program

Study Buddies is a program where upper-year tutors are hired to hold open tutoring sessions in specific courses for nursing students. This program runs both terms and sessions are geared around the timing of midterm and final exams.

Fee Amount: $1.12

NSS Textbook Library

Located in the nursing student lounge, the library supplies undergraduate nursing textbooks for use throughout the semester. Textbooks are regularly updated so students have access to educational resources for their courses.

Fee Amount: $1.52

NSS Website

The NSS website is an interface with details about the NSS assembly, assembly minutes and agendas, calendar, and photo gallery. Students can find important nursing related information, tips and tricks, and how to get involved.

Fee Amount: $0.56

NSS Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom is a speaker series where NSS invites several speakers from various fields to share their Nursing experience and journey to students. This service provides career support for students as they navigate their studies.

Fee Amount: $0.12

Physical Health Education and Kinesiology Student Association (PHEKSA)

Mandatory Fees

Total: $27
PHEKSA Membership Fee

The fee supports PHEKSA to run unique events for the Kinesiology community while providing supports for our students in many areas of university life.

Fee Amount: $27.00

Graduate Programs

Includes Consecutive Education, Law, Medicine, and Graduate Studies.

Total: $607.04

Alma Mater Society Food Bank

The AMS Food Bank serves as a confidential and non-judgmental food service to members of the Queen’s community. The SGPS fee allows us to purchase supplies which provide food services for students and community members experiencing food insecurity or financial need.

Fee Amount: $1.34

Athletics and Recreation

Allows for the usage of athletics and recreation facilities by SGPS members and their participation in recreational clubs, intramurals, and health and wellness sessions.

Fee Amount: $191.50

Ban Righ Centre

The Ban Righ Centre provides various academic supports to mature students at Queen’s University who identify as female. Funds from this fee support student advising, faculty mentoring, and a writing studio program. The centre provides a strong peer community and space for students to complete individual and group academic work in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Fee Amount: $3.00


Annual Kingston Transit pass for students

Fee Amount: $122.00

Campus Observation Room

A confidential, non-judgmental space for intoxicated students to reduce the risks of alcohol-related harms. A harm reduction program run by Student Wellness Services with KHSC (hospital). Staffing by hospital staff, and trained student volunteers. Staff assess, monitor, and refer if warranted. Fees support operations – primarily hospital staff salaries, and student volunteer training.

Fee Amount: $0.50

Canadian Federation of Students

A bilingual national union of over one-half million students across the country. The benefits of membership include national and provincial advocacy on issues impacting students; access to the International Student Identity Card free of charge; access to skill-building workshops and training; support for the Circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students, and more.

Fee Amount: $18.18

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Provides resources, programming, professional teaching development opportunities for all aspects of teaching, curriculum development for all members of the teaching community at Queen’s, including students serving as Teaching Assistants.

Fee Amount: $1.40

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

Supports Indigenous graduate student’s academic success through our SAGE (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement) Writing Retreat. Students are able to connect with a writing instructor and mentor throughout the week-long retreat to receive feedback on their writing.

Fee Amount: $1.00

JDUC Redevelopment

JDUC redevelopment means a 4000-square foot graduate-student wing that will be designed by and for graduate students. In addition, it will deliver 122,000 square feet of new high-quality space, 3,200 square feet of new club space, one floor dedicated to new event/conference space and 8,800 square feet of new study space.

Fee Amount: $43.15

Legal Aid

The oldest of the Queen’s clinic programs, Queen’s Legal Aid (QLA) has been a vital part of the Queen’s community for decades. The student fee enables QLA to extend eligibility for free legal services to all participating Queen’s students and to provide additional services to participating Queen’s students, including representation on legal matters and commissioning and notarizing documents.

Fee Amount: $5.00

Queen’s International Student Society Bursary Program

Contributes towards the overall financial assistance the university is able to direct towards the support of international students who experience financial difficulty.

Fee Amount: $0.71

Sexual Health Resource Centre

The SHRC is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the highest standards of sexual health for everyone at Queen’s University. We provide confidential information services and referrals, wholesale-cost products such as $3 pregnancy tests, educational programs, and accompaniments. The fees collected fund operational costs such as paying for HST and buying educational and outreach materials.

Fee Amount: $0.93

SGPS Commission Fee

This fee is in support of the SGPS' Athletics & Wellness Commission; Equity & Diversity Commission; Indigenous Graduate Liaison; International Affairs Commission; and Social Commission which provide events and initiatives that foster awareness; provide support; promote a work/life balance; as well as build and maintain a spirit of community between SGPS members as they reach their academic goals.

Fee Amount: $12.00

SGPS Student Advisors

A free and confidential service which provides academic advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals regarding academic issues to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s University.

Fee Amount: $6.00

SGPS Society Fee

The SGPS represents and advocates for students at all levels of university and lobbies the federal, provincial and municipal governments on issues crucial to the wellbeing and success of graduate and professional students. Elected representatives participate in the governance of the University Senate, the Board of Trustees, the University Council and over 40 University Committees.

The SGPS also facilitates numerous services and programs including Health & Dental Insurance, Peer Academic Advisors and Bus-It. Members of the SGPS will receive access to all SGPS events and programming, a reduced Health and Dental rate, access to the SGPS International Student Bursary, the SGPS Dental Bursary, the SGPS Student Activity Bursary, the SGPS Emergency Bursary, and the SGPS Student Initiative Grant.

Fee Amount: $85.80

Student Life Centre

The Student Life Centre is comprised of the John Deutsch University Centre, 51 Bader Lane, MacGillivray-Brown Hall, MacCorry student street, and the Queen’s Centre. Collectively these buildings provide over 10,500 sq m. of assignable space and facilities for student community governance and operations. Additionally, these buildings collectively constitute the principal location for the essential student focused programs and services.

Fee Amount: $25.79

Student Wellness Services

Supports the personal, academic, and social development of students at Queen’s University by providing a range of programs and services. Their mission is to provide a welcoming, confidential, and integrated service that is responsive to the needs of students.

Fee Amount: $66.86


Walkhome is a completely student-run, anonymous, and confidential safety service that provide safe walks to students both on campus and within the Kingston community. The funds from this fee go towards the overall operating budget, contributing to help ensure the comfort of individuals as they go from destination to destination, after hours.

Fee Amount: $12.84

Work Study Program

Provides students with demonstrated financial need with the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their studies.

Fee Amount: $5.56

World University Services Canada Queen’s

Aims to build a supportive environment for refugee students who come to Queen’s though a scholarship package for refugees sponsored by the Student Refugee Support Program, while also raising awareness for various other global development issues through on campus initiatives.

Fee Amount: $3.48

Total: $44.96

Camp Outlook

Camp Outlook is a local, volunteer run, charitable camp for disadvantaged youth from in and around Kingston. We provide wilderness canoe trips in the summer, and day and overnight outdoors activities during the school year. All activities are free of charge for our campers and our volunteers. We use our opt-out fee to help cover the expense of training and certifying our volunteer trip leaders.

Fee Amount: $1.00

CFRC 101.9 FM

CFRC, the world’s oldest campus radio station, is a non-profit, volunteer-powered media outlet offering diverse music & spoken word content. Student fees support operational costs including broadcast and podcast training, recording and pod/broadcast of student-focused content, maintenance and repair of equipment, and translatable job skills training for students in media, communications and more.

Fee Amount: $7.50

HIV and AIDS Regional Services

Fees collected go directly to providing comprehensive education, prevention, harm reduction and support services for people living with, at risk of, or affected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections. In addition, fees support HARS’s work in advocating for broader social change to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Kingston Youth Shelter Project

Strives to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth by offering a safe and supportive emergency shelter that encourages their growth and provides them with access to community resources. This fee funds meals for the sheltered youth.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Loving Spoonful

The fee to Loving Spoonful supports the pick-up of surplus, fresh food from Queen’s campus restaurants. This reduces food waste and greenhouse gas emissions and provides the healthy food for 12,000 meals to 50 agencies in Kingston serving those who need good food. We support Soul Food during exams, reading weeks, and breaks. It’s a huge benefit to the community and a cost-effective program.

Fee Amount: $2.00

Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston

The Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston at Queen’s University (OPIRG) is Queen’s campus-based centre of community-based research, education, and action supporting social and environmental justice.

Fee Amount: $4.66

Queen’s Daycare

Provides high quality, affordable childcare that is responsive to the needs of families within the community of Queen’s University. The funds from this fee go towards enriching programming by purchasing more math and science manipulatives; outdoor play materials; and books for the children.

Fee Amount: $1.00

Reelout Arts Project

The funds go towards fees associated with travel, presentation, or artist/screening fees for artists/curators/guest lecturers that engage with the Queen’s and larger community during the annual Reelout Queer Film Festival. Invited guest presenters focus on issues of sexuality and gender and the intersections existing within, particularly race, culture, age, health and ability.

Fee Amount: $1.80

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

The funds from this fee go towards our counselling services and support our public education campaigns. The Centre counsels survivors of all genders of sexual violence, both historic and recent. All of our services are free of charge, confidential, and survivor-centred. More information can be found at

Fee Amount: $1.25

Telephone Aid Line Kingston

Provides a confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental listening and crisis support phone line for all members of the Queen’s and Kingston community. The service is entirely volunteer run and provides distress, crisis, befriending, and information support. The funds from this fee go towards the overall operating budget.

Fee Amount: $0.75

The Grad Club

The Grad Club provides a safe, inclusive, environmentally friendly, and dedicated multi-purpose space on campus for graduate and professional students at Queen’s. The funds from this fee ensure club operations including a variety of year-round member benefits such as pub food discounts, free rental of accessible event space, and both indoor and outdoor space for studying and socializing on campus.

Fee Amount: $20.00

Union Gallery

The Union Gallery presents visual and interdisciplinary contemporary art and related programming. It is a platform for creative interpretation and development through its function as a resource for experiential learning, professional development, and research opportunities for university students. The funds from this fee go towards the overall operating budget to support these opportunities.

Fee Amount: $3.00

The SGPS Health and Dental Plan is a group insurance plan which provides supplemental Health and Dental coverage to September start, full-time students who are charged the SGPS Student Fee slate. Individuals are able to opt out of the plan if they provide proof of alternate supplemental Health and Dental coverage.

For more information, please visit the SGPS information page.

Find more information on primary and supplementary health insurance.


Mandatory Fees

Total: $10.00
Computing Graduate Society

The Queen's Graduate Computing Society (QGCS) strives to enhance the social environment and facilitate the means by which students can contribute to the School of Computing. Also, the QGCS serves to represent the interests of its members.

Fee Amount: $10.00


Mandatory Fees

Total: $43.00
Education Graduate Student Society

EGSS hosts a number of events throughout the year, including social events, academic events, and networking opportunities which are funded through this fee. All proceeds of the fee go towards events as they comprise volunteers. 

Fee Amount: $12.50

Part-Time Education Graduate Student Society

EGSS hosts a number of events throughout the year, including social events, academic events, and networking opportunities which are funded through this fee. All proceeds of the fee go towards events as we comprise of volunteers.

Fee Amount: $12.50

Education Student Society

The Education Students Society (ESS) is the student government for 5th year Bachelor of Education students at Queen’s. Fees will go to cover events and the organization of professional workshops. The ESS has and will continue to make sure that all Education students feel welcomed at Queen’s and that they have the best experience possible.

Fee Amount: $15.00

SGPS Student Advisors (formerly SGPS Peer Academic Advisors)

A free and confidential service which provides advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals regarding academic issues to Graduate and Professional students at Queen's University.

Fee Amount: $3.00

Please note: Concurrent Education students are assessed the entire SGPS Mandatory and Optional Fee slates. Due to the unique nature of their program, they pay an adjusted fee for the SGPS Student Advisors only. All other fees should be charged as normal.


Optional Fees

Total: $20.00
Graduate Geography Student Council

The GGSC fee is charged to full-time Geography graduate students and it goes towards the funding of events and programs run by the Council.

Fee Amount: $20.00

Kinesiology and Health Studies

Mandatory Fees

Total: $10.99
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Graduate Student Council

The GSC fee will be used to reduce the cost and subsidize the down-payment of GSC-sanctioned events in order to foster more accessible events and increase participation. Events include Orientation Week, euchre tournaments, and trivia nights.

Fee Amount: $10.99


Mandatory Fees

Total: $59.58
Law Students’ Society Clubs and Committees

This fee supports LSS clubs and committees to fund their events. Each club/committee is allocated a set amount of money at the beginning of the year and must show allowable expenses in order to be reimbursed for this amount.

Fee Amount: $25.00

Law Students’ Society Events and Administration

This fee goes towards the general administration of the LSS including bank fees and promotion. Further, it supports LSS hosted events such as club’s day and student awards ceremonies.

Fee Amount: $2.08

Law Formal

This fee will contribute to both Law semi-formal and graduation formal events that are held annually and which any law student can attend.

Fee Amount: $17.50

Law Students’ Society Student and Group Financial Support

This fee will contribute to financial support for individual students to participate in LSS related events and financial support for unique student initiatives.

Fee Amount: $15.00


Mandatory Fees

Total: $105.00
“Being a Medical Student” Program

Inter-year peer tutoring and support sessions that address the unique challenges of being a medical student.

Fee Amount: $4.00

Building Maintenance

Fund to make improvements and maintain student spaces in the School of Medicine Building.

Fee Amount: $1.25

Canadian Federation of Medical Students (charged to first year students only)

A one-time fee to join the CFMS, a national organization that advocates for medical students, provides exclusive discounts, student initiative grants, leadership awards, and opportunities for international exchanges and advocacy training.

Fee Amount: $80.00

Career Explorations Sessions

Information sessions and workshops that allow students to explore the various specialties, opportunities, and elements within medicine.

Fee Amount: $13.06

Class Transfers

Your class council's budget to run class specific events and initiatives.

Fee Amount: $6.69

Optional Fees

Total: $100.00
New Medical Building

Contribution in support of Aesculapian Society's pledge of $500,000 towards construction of new medical building.

Fee Amount: $100.00

Public Health

Mandatory Fees

Total: $10.00
Public Health Sciences Student Association

Provides exciting programming to Epidemiology, Public Health, and Biostatistics graduate students throughout the year. Student fee funding is vital to allowing them to provide you with high-quality events during your time at Queen’s.

Fee Amount: $10.00

Rehabilitation Studies

Mandatory Fees

Total: $28.00
Rehabilitation Therapy Society Student Society

Fees collected from student members will go towards the Rehabilitation Therapy Student Society’s overall budget for events including training, building inter-professional relationships, and many more valuable experiences.

Fee Amount: $28.00

Urban and Regional Planning

Mandatory Fees

Total: $20.00
Queen’s Graduate Association of Planning Students

They are an elected decision-making body. They represent the collective interest of graduate students in the School of Urban and Regional Planning and foster a supportive, stimulating academic community. This fee goes to their operating budget.

Fee Amount: $20.00