The Timetable Office is responsible for building the undergraduate timetable, communicating information regarding timetabling (including capacity, technical resources, and availability) to academic departments, and coordinating the booking of teaching space.

Timetabling Room Information

The Timetabling Office schedules courses and assists in the allocation of teaching space for ad hoc bookings.

Here you can find information on the different rooms available on campus.

In the event that any instructor encounters a locked door, please have him/her contact the Fixit Desk at 77301 during regular hours of operation (Monday- Friday, 8 am–4 pm) or the Emergency Report Centre at 36080 after hours, so a custodian can be immediately dispatched to the affected room.

Please email acadbook@queensu.ca for academic ad hoc booking requests (e.g., one day seminars, guest lecturers, midterms, special screenings, etc.).

Timetabling Resources

Course Slot Charts

There are four different formats of the course slot chart to choose from: