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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Spaces Website

Explore the centrally booked classrooms available for academic, academic ad hoc (exam reviews, tutorials, mid-term exams etc.), and non academic bookings and events. 

Find useful information on classroom spaces including building location, capacity, and accessibility.  Also included are features for teaching and learning, including installed technology.

Equipment is now available to loan, including overhead projectors, handheld microphones, clickers and desktop document cameras to meet all your teaching needs.  To request a loan go to Equipment Requests.

New Classroom Renovations


  • Ellis Hall 324 Floor Plan

    324 Ellis Hall

    Active Learning Classroom

    Capacity: 120 students.


    • Chairs on wheels with rectangle tables that seat 8 (potential for groups of 4)
    • Each table has 22" monitors at each end, which can be operated independent of one another or synced together 
    • Each table has 4 power outlets, two amplified speakers, and HDMI and mini displayport cables to connect student laptops to the monitors
    • The instructor's podium features an installed Windows PC with an interactive display, an LCD touch screen controller, an ethernet jack, a document camera, a USB cable connected to the interactive display, and HDMI and Mini Display Port connectivity for the instructor’s device
    • In “collaboration mode”, each table will work independently (audio heard and video seen at each table corresponds to the device plugged in at each table)
    • In “presentation mode”, the same audio and video will be seen/heard at each table
    • Microphones include a wireless lavalier for the instructor and 5 throwable cube microphones for students
    • Extensive whiteboards to facilitate collaborative learning
    • Windows lining one long wall for plenty of natural light
  • Ellis Hall 226 Floor Plan

    226 Ellis Hall

    Active Learning Classroom

    Capacity: 60 students.


    • Chairs on wheels at 10 round tables of 6
    • A podium with digital room control panel, podium PC, document camera, Blu-ray DVD player, and connections for HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, and ethernet for the instructor’s device
    • Instructor's lapel microphone and 4 Catchbox throwable microphones for students
    • Four short-throw projectors projecting up to 2 different sources
    • One projector enabled with interactive capacity, making the projection surface a touchscreen for the computer and allowing real-time annotation of images being projected
    • Walls of room are ringed with whiteboard (Egan roll on)
    • Wall of windows for plenty of natural light