Active Learning Classrooms

When students are engaging in active learning, they are constructing meaning and taking responsibility for their learning. Rather than being a passive recipient of information, the active learner puts knowledge to use. Words capturing an active approach to learning include action verbs such as analyze, evaluate, generate, apply, connect, and extend. These actions engage students to think at a higher level, taking learning beyond memorization and recall towards active thinking, doing, and engagement.

Because approaches to teaching, technology and space design can have a profound effect on student learning, the Queen's active learning classrooms have been intentionally designed, built and equipped to accommodate a different numbers of students in different configurations and with different technologies. By enabling a range of uses, we will have the opportunity to assess a variety of approaches to student engagement.

What are the Active Learning Classrooms?

Flexible learning classroom with movable chairs on castors with a tablet writing surface. Chairs are arranged in a circle.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Flexible learning spaces are classrooms on campus that are equipped with moveable chairs with a tablet arm. These unique desks allow for different group configurations and infinite flexibility in classroom set-up. A ring of whiteboards around the room facilitates sharing of ideas within and between groups. Each classroom is equipped with one or more projectors and either a screen or whiteboard projection surface. 

Flexible Learning Spaces on Campus

Classroom with large round tables and blue chairs.

Low Tech Team-Based Classrooms

Low tech team-based active learning classrooms are set up with a series of round tables and chairs to facilitate group work and team activities. Other features include: whiteboards on all walls surfaces for collaboration, instructor podium with computer, document camera, and laptop connection, multiple projectors and displays around the classroom. 

Low Tech Classrooms on Campus

Large high tech classroom with wood rectangular tables and movable chairs. Each table has two display monitors.

High Tech Team-Based Classrooms

High tech team-based active learning classrooms are uniquely designed spaces for students to work together in collaborative pods. The technology at each table allows students to either view an instructor's presentation or allows them to work independently by connecting their laptop to a monitor or touch screen TV, encouraging student-driven learning and collaboration.

High Tech Classrooms on Campus


Active Learning Classroom Inventory


Flexible Learning Spaces

Building  Room Number Room Capacity
Kingston Hall  304 25
Kingston Hall 308 25
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A309 30
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A311 30
Theological Hall 203 30
Theological Hall 209 30
Ellis Hall 218 25
Ellis Hall 319 48


Low-Tech Team-Based Classrooms

Building  Room Number Room Capacity
Humphrey Hall 131 30
Humphrey Hall 132 30
Humphrey Hall 223 30
Kingston Hall 301 84
Kingston Hall 313 49
Botterell Hall B129 54
Biosciences Complex 2109 56
Theological Hall 307 58
Ellis Hall 226 60
Mackintosh-Corry Hall D201 42
Mackintosh-Corry Hall D202 42


High-Tech Team-Based Classrooms

Building  Room Number Room Capacity
Ellis Hall 333 70
Ellis Hall 324 120
Ellis Hall 321 136
Jeffery Hall 155 152
Jeffery Hall 156 152