Classroom Technology

"a series of images of classrooms and technology on campus"

Queen’s University supports over 130 centrally booked classroom spaces for academic, academic ad hoc and non academic bookings.  Classrooms come in a range of capacities and layouts, from large tiered lecture halls to small rooms with flexible furniture for group tutorials. Although each classroom has different features, this page outlines the standard audio/visual (A/V) technology for teaching and learning.

Our aim is to standardize and simplify classroom A/V technology information and instructions on classroom technology, however we always suggest that you visit the specific classrooms for your course/event to familiarize yourself with the technology in the space.

Additional information about each classroom’s features for teaching and can be found by using the navigation menu at the top of the page and selecting the building on campus. Each building page will have detailed information on all central classrooms located within the building.


view from the front of Convocation Hall looking at the 2 levels of seats

Auditoriums (AUD) and Large Lecture Halls

60 - 700 Student Seats

All classrooms with a capacity above 60 students are now equipped with the digital A/V technology for teaching and learning.

  • One or more digital projectors or a video wall
  • HDMI laptop connection (HDMI, micro HDMI, USB-C, display port, and mini display port)
  • Instructor lapel microphone (some rooms are also equipped with an additional handheld microphone or CatchBox microphone)
  • Document camera
  • Lecture capture system
  • Fixed position camera
  • AirMedia wireless presentation

The 11 auditoriums on campus are also equipped with:

  • A desktop computer in the podium

The current inventory of auditoriums on campus include: Duncan McArthur AUD (Room B101/B205), Bioscience 1101, Bioscience 1102, Chernoff AUD (Room 250), Dunning AUD (Room 020), Dupuis AUD (Room G01), Ellis AUD (Room 152), Etherington AUD (Room G020/1031), Humphrey AUD (Room 102), Stirling AUD (Room 301D), Walter Light AUD (Room 205)

Active Learning and Flexible Classrooms

25 - 152 Student Seats

There are currently twenty-two (22) active learning classrooms (ALCs) and flexible classroom spaces (FS) at Queen’s University. These are innovative teaching spaces with a variety of technology and furniture to support team-based and collaborative learning.

All ALC and FS rooms are equipped with the following A/V technology:

  • One or more digital projectors
  • HDMI laptop connection (HDMI, micro HDMI, USB-C, display port, and mini display port)
  • All ALC-designated rooms also have a computer in the podium

Rooms with a capacity of 70 or above are also equipped with:

  • Instructor lapel microphone (and in some rooms a handheld microphone, or CatchBox microphone)
  • Document camera

round tables with blue chairs surrounding them with white walls behind

2 rows of small tables with black chairs facing a blackboard

Small Classroom Spaces 

16 - 59 Student Seats

Most of our smaller classroom spaces have A/V technology, however a few seminar rooms are not yet equipped with any technology. The rooms with classroom technology are generally equipped with the following:

  • One projector and screen
  • Digital HDMI laptop connection (HDMI, micro HDMI, USB-C, display port, and mini display port)

Instructional Videos

Overview of Auditorium Technology

Learn more about the new technology for teaching and learning in auditoriums with a greater than 200 student seats:

Overview of Classroom Technology

Learn more about the technology for teaching and learning in most tiered and flat classrooms with 60 to 200 student seats:


High-Tech Team-Based Active Learning Classrooms

High-tech team-based active learning classrooms (ALCs) are designed for team work and collaborative learning. This video explores the technology in the high tech ALCs and its functions for teaching.


Lecture Capture

Learn more about the classroom lecture capture system, including how to save a recording to your USB stick:


Using Teams/Zoom from a Classroom

You might be interested in hosting a Teams or Zoom meeting right from your classroom (ie. to invite a guest speaker to join remotely). In this video, learn how to connect Teams or Zoom to the classroom camera and microphone.