Global Internship - Japan

This program is not being offered in 2022.

Program period: TBD for 2023 (typically mid to late August)

After preparatory study at KGU each pair, composed of a student from KGU and a student from a Canadian university, will work together for 10 days, gaining practical experience in a real business environment in Japan. Internship locations will be allocated before students arrive in Japan, and they may be placed mainly in the Kansai area. After completing their internship, students will make a presentation and write a report on their findings.

This is a great opportunity to build intercultural awareness, gain insight into major corporations and the issues they are tackling, and make international and business connections, particularly for students in non-Business backgrounds, while gaining academic credit.

The Global Internship in Japan is a 2 week, 3 credit course held in Japan.

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