Global Internship - Japan

Applications for Summer 2024 are now closed.  

Program period: 16 August to 1 September, 2024

After preparatory study at KGU from August 16th to 17th, each pair, composed of a student from KGU and a student from a Canadian university, will work together for 10 days, gaining practical experience in a real business environment in Japan. Internship locations will be allocated before students arrive in Japan, and they may be placed not only in the Kansai area, but also in Tokyo and other regions. After completing their internship, students will make a presentation and write a report on their findings.

This is a great opportunity to build intercultural awareness, gain insight into major corporations and the issues they are tackling, and make international and business connections, particularly for students in non-Business backgrounds, while gaining academic credit.

The Global Internship in Japan is a 2 week, 3 credit course held in Japan.

Global Internship Course Syllabus Summer 2024 (.PDF, 362KB)

Additional Information

Spaces: There are 4 spaces available.
Fees: 196,000 yen (approximately 1794 CAD) payable to KGU
Tuition: You must pay for 3.0 units of tuition to Queen's - please see the note on the KGU landing page.
Accommodation: 15 August - 2 September. KGU will arrange for participants to live together with KGU students for the duration of the program. Accommodation costs are covered by students’ program fees.
Scholarship: Participants of CCC summer programs who have good academic standing will receive a scholarship (80,000 JPY) from the JASSO, Japan Student Services Organization. KGU will send the JASSO application form to the participants once they are accepted to the program. KGU will announce the JASSO slots once the total scholarship slots have been announced by JASSO. More information here.

For a complete breakdown of the associated fees, see the Program Fee document.