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Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP)

Planning for and Managing Risk Related to Academic, Research and/or Business Travel and Associated Activities

The Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP) applies to all members of the Queen’s Community (e.g., staff, students, and faculty) involved in university-sanctioned activities that take place off-campus.  

The Policy defines the scope of the policy, key roles, and the responsibilities of Participants and those in the chain of responsibility with respect to safety in Off-Campus Activities.


The health and safety of those participating in Off-Campus Activities are of paramount importance to Queen’s University. The university has a responsibility to promote the preparedness and well-being of the university community during university-sanctioned Off-Campus Activities.

This website is intended to support you in understanding and meeting your responsibilities under the OCASP, but does not replace the Policy, Procedures, or Guideline.

Safe Travel Activity Registration Tool (START)

Use START to register university-sanctioned off-campus activities. Registering low risk activities will simply require you to include your activity dates, locations, and emergency contact information. High risk activities are registered through the completion of a safety planning record that will include a comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation plans. Registering your off-campus activity ensures the University is able to provide you with guidance / emergency support if required.

Information on how to complete your Safety Planning Record is provided in the Low Risk and High Risk Activity Procedures. 

You can also access and print a copy of the Queen’s Emergency Contact Card through START. 

Log in to START using your Queen's NetID