Approve an Off-Campus Activity (Person In Authority)

As a Person in Authority, you are responsible for approving the risk level assigned to the Off-Campus Activity by the Activity Planner, and approving any safety planning record and risk management plan submitted through the Off-Campus Activity Safety Registration Tool. ​

Approve Risk Level for Off-Campus Activity

This Procedure outlines the approval process for risk assessments and includes the definitions of Low, High, and Unmanageable Risk. This will help you determine if the risk assigned by the Activity Planner is appropriate. ​

The Procedure also outlines which activities are pre-determined by the university to be low risk.​

NOTE:  Activities that involve international travel by undergraduate students (i.e., students in first-entry baccalaureate or professional (J.D., MD, B.Ed.) programs) are automatically considered high risk.​ The exception is travel back to a student’s home country where the student is relying on or can rely on support from their family and the activity is not considered high risk. (e.g., students taking summer courses under an International Letter of Permission over the summer).


Risk Assessment Procedure

Ensure Record in Place for Low Risk Off-Campus Activity

Low Risk Off-Campus Activities should be registered in START.

Staff and faculty are strongly encouraged but not required to complete a record for Low Risk Off-Campus Activities unless they are the Activity Planner for a Low Risk Off-Campus Activity that includes undergraduate(s), graduate(s), or post-doctoral fellow(s) as Participants.

Staff and faculty who do not submit records for their Low Risk Off-Campus Activity are required to provide details of their activity to the Department / Unit. Your Department / Unit must maintain a list of these activities, including dates, locations, and contact information. In lieu of tracking this information, the Department / Unit Head can direct staff and faculty to submit a record for ALL Low Risk Off-Campus Activities in START.

Low Risk Off-Campus Activity Procedure

Approve a High Risk Off-Campus Activity

This Procedure guides you through the steps required to approve a High Risk Off-Campus Activity.

This includes your responsibilities in reviewing/approving  Activity Safety Planning Record(s) set-up in START.

As part of your review, you must assess the appropriateness of the training or certification proposed by the Activity Planner for managing or mitigating hazards and risks, and preparing Participants. 

High Risk Off-Campus Activity Procedure

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