Emergency Procedures and Response Plans

Queen's Emergency Management Plan

Campus Security and Emergency Services

Each office on campus should have the 'Responding to Emergencies Booklet' which is a helpful guide on how to respond to a variety of emergencies on campus. A copy of the booklet may be obtained at

Campus Security Emergency Booklet (PDF 567 KB) located on the Campus Security and Emergency Services website. 

Individualized Emergency Response Plans

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) states that every employer shall provide individualized workplace emergency response information to employees who have identified to the employer that they have a disability that requires accommodation.

In order to fulfill our duty to accommodate, we must be made aware of any needed accommodations so that we can respond with an appropriate individualized emergency plan.

If you require an individualized workplace emergency response plan, you can find additional information on the Human Resources Individualized Emergency Response Plans webpage. Please complete the Individualized Emergency Response Plan Consent Form on the Human Resources forms page and submit it following the instructions on the form. Once this form has been processed you will be contacted by Return to Work and Accommodation Services and in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, an individualized workplace emergency response plan will be developed.

Laboratory Procedures

Principal Investigators must develop an Emergency Procedures document specific to their laboratory and post it in the laboratory where it is clearly visible. Ensure that all personnel are familiar with the contents of the protocol and that they know where it is posted.

A generic version of an Emergency Procedures Document (DOC 248 KB) is provided as a guide only.

Ensure that the Emergency Protocol is amended when changes occur and that the revised protocol is posted in the laboratory. Please note: An annual review is required.

To complete an incident report, WSIB forms or to report a spill go to our Incident Reporting Page.

Out-of-Country and Domestic Off-Campus Activity Emergencies