Proof of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document issued by an insurance company that is used to verify the existence of insurance coverage under specific conditions granted to listed individuals. A certificate may be requested by an agency for Queen’s to provide evidence that it has the coverage in place and at the limits they require for a specified activity. Certificates of insurance, or Proof of Insurance, may be asked for as part of a contract requirement or to allow an employee or student to use or access another organization’s facilities, property, or premises while on Queen’s University business.

In many instances, third parties will also be required to provide a certificate of insurance to the university itself. A certificate of insurance should be requested whenever a group or individuals use Queen’s facilities or property for an activity that is not sanctioned by the university. Certificates of insurance should also be requested for any contractor or individual performing work for on behalf of Queen’s. Doing so ensures that Queen’s will not be held liable for any possible injuries and damages incurred during such activities.

If you have any questions regarding when a certificate of insurance should be requested, please email

If you are required to provide a certificate of insurance requested by another organization, please fill out the Request a Certificate of Insurance web form.

Please note that the Certificate Holder is the agency who is requesting proof of coverage.  

You will need to provide all contact information on the form along with the amount and type of insurance we carry.

If you are asking for renewal of a certificate, please email with a copy of your current certificate and all updated details.