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As your life changes, so do your needs. Whether you are celebrating the growth of your family, recovering from an illness or injury, or transitioning to retirement, our team is here to help. 

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We are here to support you through times of transition. 

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The Employee Wellness Services team is here to help employees who require medical leave or accommodation related to a medical need. If an employee requires a medical absence of two weeks or more, a referral should be made to our team. However, there may be situations where a referral is made from the onset of the medical leave.

Work related injury: In any case that an employee seeks health care for a work-related incident or is unable to work after the day of injury, the employee must complete WSIB reporting (Form 6) and return it to the WSIB. It is important to report this incident to your supervisor, so that they can report it to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. If required, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety will then ensure the injury or illness is reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

WSIB cases are referred to Employee Wellness Services following an injury or illness resulting in greater than three days of lost time and/or if the employee requires workplace accommodation.


The university recognizes the importance of full participation and inclusion of employees in the workplace, and job applicants in the recruitment process.

Applicant Resources

The university will work to achieve a workplace free of workplace barriers and will support the accommodation of employees and job applicants who require accommodation related to the protected grounds outlined in the Ontario Human Rights Code, and without incurring undue hardship.

Accommodation(s) will be provided in accordance with the principles of dignity, individualization and inclusion. Queen’s University will work cooperatively, and in the spirit of respect, with those involved in the accommodation process.  

All those involved in the accommodation process will respect the privacy of employees seeking accommodation and will only share information as necessary to support the accommodation process.  

Workplace accommodation include: 

  • Modification to work hours: Modification to work hours are changes made to an employee’s normal working schedule. This may involve adjusting arrival or departure time, providing periodic break, and/or reducing the number of days or hours per week.  
  • Modification to job duties: Modified duties are any temporary changes to an employee’s current tasks, functions or workload for medical reasons. Examples could include: no heavy lifting, reduced screen time,  
  • Modification to the physical environment: Modification to the physical environment could include altering the physical working space or incorporating the use of assistive devices. Some examples could include a sit to stand desk, noise cancelling headphones, lighting, etc.  


 Sick Leave Policy (PDF 115 KB)

 Sick Leave Administration Guidelines (PDF 167 KB)  

Return to Work Procedures

 Contact Employee Wellness Services

Do you require assistance evacuating a building as a result of a disability? If so, please visit Emergency Response Plans (HR Intranet).

Emergency response information could be embedded into an Accommodation Plan or a Return-to-Work Plan, if applicable, versus a separate Emergency Response Plan as determined by Employee Wellness Services. 

Individualized Disability Accommodation Procedures

Emergency Response Plans (HR Intranet)

 Contact Employee Wellness Services

Mental Health Supports

Resources to support mental health need not only be accessed in times of crisis.

Early intervention can help reduce a person’s stress, make recovery easier, and prevent the development of more serious mental health problems.

There are many available supports. We are here to help.

Our Employee and Family Assistance Program provider, TELUS Health One, offering confidential, professional, and personalized wellness services that are available to you and your family, 24/7. 

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Physical Health Supports

Office work shouldn't hurt. Back pain, sore wrists and necks, and other Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are a major cause of workers’ disability and costs to workers, businesses, and society. Eliminating and reducing MSD hazards at the office is part of creating a safe workplace.

Small changes in the office can make a big difference in preventing the development of MSD.

The Queen's Ergonomic Consulting Program is a service available for employees of Queen's University, with offices on campus. Assessments are performed by graduate students from the School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at a cost of $100.00 per assessment.  

Queen's Ergonomic Consulting Program

Surgical Supports

Queen’s University medical leave benefit supports both elective and non-elective surgical procedures. Elective procedures could include gender-affirming surgery, organ donation, or cosmetic procedures among others. If you have a question on your medical leave entitlement, please contact your supervisor or speak with your Human Resources advisor.

Please provide your supervisor with as much advance notice as possible and report your upcoming absence. A member of the Employee Wellness Services team will reach out to you to review your benefits and supports that can assist you when you are able to return to work.

Report Your Upcoming Absence

Pregnancy and Parental Leave

To support you and your loved ones as you add to your family, you may be entitled to Pregnancy and Parental Leave where applicable. 

Pregnancy and Parental Leave (PDF 181 KB)

Compassionate or Bereavement Leave

To assist with supporting you and your loved ones during difficult times, you may be entitled to Compassionate Leave or Bereavement Leave where applicable.

Policy Details

Retire Well

Learn about your pension, benefits, and how to obtain a Retiree Card (if eligible). 

Retirees Association of Queen's

Retirement is a significant life event and requires advanced, careful, and thoughtful planning. This overview provides key information to assist you with making decisions about your retirement.

Transitioning to Retirement Brochure (PDF 2.5 MB)

General Discounts for Queen's Retirees

Some additional discounts are offered to our retirees through Queen’s University Procurement; these discounts are noted with a '+' beside the company name. 

Explore Procurement Perks for Queen's Retirees

The Queen's Employee Family Assistance Program is available to you for six months following your retirement date.

As well, you are eligible to sign up for continued coverage with Manulife.  

Retiree Pension and Benefits